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Ilford Darkroom Black and White Printing Masterclasses

Dave Butcher worked for Ilford Photo for 21 years, including running the photographic printing department for many years. Dave is an Ilford Master printer and gives black and white darkroom printing masterclasses on behalf of Ilford Photo, part of the Harman Technology group of companies.

All materials needed are provided free of charge by Ilford Photo.

The lecturing fee and all travel expenses are also fully paid by Ilford Photo.

Apart from the odd cup of tea and a sandwich there really is no cost to the college!

They usually comprise a short lecture to show prints made using various techniques, then a demonstration of split grade printing (or another technique that is appropriate for the students) followed by students printing their own negatives with guidance from Dave Butcher.

If your photography courses include black and white darkroom printing modules and you have 15 or more students who would attend, then contact Harman Technology and book a Masterclass for your students. There is strong demand and limited places so book early to avoid disappointment.

If you are in the Midlands (Manchester, Sheffield down to Birmingham, Northampton, etc.) it will given by Dave Butcher or just ask for me by name when you contact Harman Technology.

Contact Harman Technology for more information: 01565 650000 (ask for Customer Services) or visit www.ilfordphoto.com

Please note: This scheme is currently on hold, check status with Harman Technology. If they are unable to provide anything I can still run a Dave Butcher Darkroom Masterclass for you but you must bear the cost. In this case it may still be possible for Harman to provide free of charge materials.


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