High Light, Peak Light, Lake Light, City Light, Snow Light, Land Light books by Dave Butcher


Photographic Lectures

Dave Butcher has been giving lectures on his black and white photography since 1988, mainly to UK camera clubs. He is an Ilford Master Darkroom Printer and also gives black and white darkroom printing masterclasses to colleges and universities.

He travels widely, as you can see from the visited clubs listed below. If you are interested, give Dave a ring to talk over the possibilities for him to come to your club, photographic or otherwise. To assist you to suggest dates that are more likely to meet with acceptance it may be worth checking his events calendar. Unsolicited testimonials from clubs and individuals after my lectures are shown at the bottom of the page.

For information, all of the lectures show original black and white darkroom prints. They are all made from film negatives printed in the darkroom using traditional darkroom techniques and Ilford materials.

The lectures are mostly about the black and white photographs and the background to each image. This means they are just as appropriate to a digital worker as to a traditional one. If your club members enjoy seeing stunning black and white prints of landscapes, cities, coasts, trees, waterfalls, skiing, mountaineering, etc. then there is sure to be something to interest them!

There are 3 lectures currently available, see below.

We will bring copies of my current 3 books, Land Light, Snow Light and City Light for sale at much reduced prices compared to normal cover prices. They will be signed by Dave Butcher on the night. You may like to let your members or audience know so that they can bring some money along to make purchases on the night. We usually also bring a credit card terminal for those who don't carry cash.

How much will it cost?

For photo club lectures on weekday evenings within easy travelling distance Dave Butcher charges are based on PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) rates for expenses, inflated to allow for all payments being declared in my business accounts. A fee is charged where appropriate for the event.

For lectures needing an overnight stay or at weekends or during normal weekday working hours a fee is charged. Contact Dave for further details and cost to visit your club.

For other clubs the fee is by negotiation, plus expenses, and travel costs at 45p per mile. Contact me for further details and cost to visit your club.

Expenses are calculated for travelling from my home in the Peak District, plus refreshments, plus accommodation as appropriate. As a guide, if the travel time is over 2 hours each way an overnight stay in the local area may be preferred (Premier Inn or equivalent quality is fine).

What equipment will be required on the night?

The main item needed is an Illuminated print stand to display prints at least 20 inches high or wide. The illumination can either be built in or separate spot/flood lights.

A table large enough for 2 stacks of 24 x 20 inch prints. A 4 foot table is sufficient.

A second table to display stacks of my books. A 4 foot table is fine for this too.

We can provide a print stand if you don't have one but you will need to provide an easel for it to be supported on and some illumination.


Snow Light (Available from November 2018)

Lots of landscapes taken from my Snow Light and Land Light books (both published in 2015). There will also be some city photographs to add some variety.

Most of the black and white images were taken on Mamiya 7 cameras using Ilford FP4 Plus and 400 Delta 120 films to give 7 x 6 cm negatives.

Ilford Photo once again very generously supplied several hundred sheets of Ilford Multigrade fibre based paper and Ilford chemicals, for me to make the prints. Mostly 20 x 16 inch borderless prints, with a few 24 x 20 inch prints.

About 85 prints.

All monochrome split-grade darkroom prints.

To be completed by end October 2018.


City Light (2014)

This is my latest lecture.

The first half is a large section of 45 photographs of cities from my 4th book City Light. The second half is in 2 sections and is mainly landscapes. It starts with the 205 mile Alpine Pass Route that crosses 17 of the high passes across the central Swiss Alps from near Liechtenstein to Montreux in Switzerland. The lecture finishes with New Zealand landscapes and a few cities from the region such as Auckland, Sydney and Hong Kong.

There is quite a bit on composition and what I look for in a good black and white photograph, as well as what I leave out.

Most of the black and white images were taken on Mamiya 7 cameras using Ilford FP4 Plus 120 film to give 7 x 6 cm negatives.

Ilford Photo once again very generously supplied several hundred sheets of Ilford Multigrade fibre based paper and Ilford chemicals, for me to make the prints. Mostly 20 x 16 inch borderless prints, with a few 24 x 20 inch prints.

85 prints.

All monochrome split-grade darkroom prints.

Completed September 2014.


Lake Light (2010)

There is a large section of over 30 photographs of the Lake District from my 3rd book Lake Light. There are also photographs of Utah (including Bryce Canyon and Arches in winter), Colorado, Norway, Oslo, Sweden, Stockholm, Denmark, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Holland, New York, Chicago and Boston. So, a mix of landscapes and cities, as usual, with quite a few winter landscapes as well as cities at night and in the snow. Mostly 20 x 16 inch borderless prints.

Most of the black and white images were taken on Mamiya 7 cameras using Ilford FP4 Plus 120 film to give 7 x 6 cm negatives.

84 images.

All monochrome split-grade darkroom prints.

All of the prints are on Ilford Multigrade fibre based paper, kindly supplied free of charge by Ilford Photo.

Completed August 2010.


Peak Light (2009)

This starts in Bavaria with the fairy tale castle that Walt Disney based his logo on, then the Italian Dolomites (the areas between Cortina and Corvara), followed by a large section of 30 photographs from my second book Peak Light on the Peak District National Park. After the break (if your club has a break!) we start in San Francisco and New York, finishing with a large selection from Yosemite National Park in California (waterfalls, huge trees and big views, including infra-red). Mostly 20 x 16 inch (image size), some 24 x 20 inch, all borderless prints.

All taken on Mamiya 6 and Mamiya 7 cameras using Ilford FP4+ or Ilford SFX film to give 6 x 6 cm and 7 x 6 cm negatives.

81 images.

All monochrome split-grade darkroom prints.

All of the black and white prints are on Ilford Multigrade fibre based paper, kindly supplied free of charge by Ilford Photo.

Completed January 2009.


Travels in Monochrome (2007) No longer available, damaged prints.

A travelogue in 3 sections in black and white. It covers all 4 corners of Colorado and many points in between, a trek from Glasgow to Cape Wrath in Scotland (330 miles, 26 mountains) and the spectacular Tour of Mont Blanc (TMB) long distance walk. You won't see black and white photographs like this anywhere else! This is my only lecture that is exclusively landscape prints, no cities. All taken on Mamiya 6 cameras using Ilford FP4+ or Ilford SFX film to give 6 x 6 cm negatives. 78 images. All monochrome split-grade darkroom prints. All of the prints are on Ilford Multigrade paper, kindly supplied free of charge by Ilford Photo. The prints are mostly borderless and 20 x 16 inches. Completed April 2007. 

Mad About Monochrome (2004) No longer available, damaged prints.

This is more of a travelogue, illustrated in glorious black and white! Lots of hill and mountain landscapes. Grouped by region to give a better feel of what is possible in various areas of the UK and the Alps. Snowshoeing and ski mountaineering in the Alps. Some city and infra-red shots but few chemically toned images; the emphasis being on 'pure' black and white photography. Most images were taken on Mamiya 6 cameras using Ilford FP4+ film to give 6 x 6 cm negatives. 74 images. All monochrome darkroom prints. All of the prints are on Ilford Multigrade paper, 20 x 16 inch prints with roughly 16 x 12 inch image areas. Completed November 2004.

Magnificent Monochrome (2000) No longer available, damaged prints.

Yet more stunning hill and mountain landscapes with skiing and ski mountaineering. This talk has more darkroom work than any other. Mostly though it shows lots of good prints which can be appreciated by both darkroom and digital workers and give ideas for print making to both. More striking city views, many part-toned for added impact. Quite a bit of chemical toning and part-toning throughout. Prints that didn't quite make it are included to show the difference between this and the final exhibition print, as well as tips on technique. I also cover some of the problems encountered taking photographs in the high mountains. Most images were taken on Mamiya 6 and Mamiya 645 Super cameras using Ilford film to give 6 x 6 and 6 x 4.5 cm negatives. 72 images taken in the 1990's. All monochrome darkroom prints. All of the prints are on Ilford Multigrade paper. Completed in 2000.

Landscapes in Black and White (1996) No longer available, damaged prints.

Stunning hill and mountain landscapes with skiing and ski mountaineering (including showing how to use people to give images scale). My ARPS Pictorial panel from 1987, striking city views, toned, part-toned and infra-red. Areas covered include the Scottish Highlands, England, Wales, Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy and the Colorado Rockies. I also talk about some of the darkroom techniques used and show different ways to print the same image. I also cover some of the problems encountered taking photographs in the high mountains. Many of these images appear in my first book High Light. A mixture of 35mm (Nikon) and medium format images (Mamiya 645 Super and Mamiya 6 cameras). 68 images. All monochrome darkroom prints, mostly printed in the 1980's and early 1990's. All of the prints are on Ilford photographic paper. Completed in 1996 but earlier versions given from 1993.


Confirmed Booking

  • Bakewell PS, 30-October-2017
  • Crosby CC, 1-November-2017
  • Romiley PS, 6-November-2017, City Light
  • Willfield Camera Club (near Stoke), 16-November-2017, Peak Light
  • Chapel Camera Club, 3-January-2018, City Light
  • St Helens PS, 8-January-2018, City Light
  • Stokesley PS, 22-March-2018, City Light
  • Clay Cross PS, 9-April-2018, City Light
  • Cambridge CC, 10-September-2018, City Light
  • Nottingham and Notts, 16-October-2018, Snow Light - NEW LECTURE
  • Wakefield CC, 29-October-2018, City Light
  • Peak District National Trust Centre (Chinley Chapel), 14-November-2018, Photographing the Peaks

Clubs, organisations and events previously visited to give lectures include:

  • 85 Group (Hazel Grove & Marple)
  • Accrington PS
  • Alsager CC
  • Altrincham & Hale PS
  • Arnold & District CC
  • Ashbourne & District CC
  • Askern CC
  • Aston and Erdington PS
  • Atherton & District Amateur PS (ADAPS)
  • Backwell CC (Bristol)
  • Badby PC (near Daventry)
  • Bakewell Photographic Circle
  • Bebington PS
  • Beeston CC
  • Birkenhead PA
  • Blackburn PS
  • Blythe Bridge PS, Stoke
  • Bolsover CC
  • Bolton CC
  • Bramhall PS
  • Bredbury & Romiley CC
  • Brighton & Hove CC
  • Burslem College, Stoke (Ilford Darkroom Masterclass)
  • Burton College, Burton-on-Trent (Ilford Darkroom Masterclass)
  • Burton on Trent PS
  • Bury PS
  • Cambridge PS
  • Cannock PS
  • Chapel-en-le-Frith CC
  • Chapel-en-le-Frith Amenity Society
  • Cheltenham CC
  • Chester PS
  • Chesterfield PS
  • Chorley PS
  • Clay Cross & Biwater PS
  • Conway PS
  • Cotswold Monochrome, Gloucester
  • Coventry University (Ilford Darkroom Masterclass)
  • Crewe PS
  • Crown Monochrome, Bath
  • Darkroom Postal Portfolio Group
  • Daventry PS
  • Davyhulme CC
  • Deepings CC, Market Deeping
  • Derby City Photographic Club
  • Derby College (Ilford Darkroom Masterclass)
  • Derby PS
  • Doncaster CC
  • Dronfield PS
  • Duston CC (Northampton)
  • East Midlands Monochrome Group
  • Eastwood PS
  • Formby PS
  • Frodsham & District PS
  • Gamma Group, Bradford
  • Grantham PS
  • Great Dome Art Fair, Buxton
  • Halton PS (Widnes nr Liverpool)
  • Harpenden PS
  • Harrogate PS
  • Henley College, Coventry (Ilford Darkroom Masterclass)
  • Holmes Chapel CC
  • Holmfirth PS
  • Hoylake PS
  • Heswall PS
  • Huddersfield PIC
  • Hyde PS
  • Ilford Ltd PC
  • Ilkeston Arts and CC,
  • James Maude CC (Mansfield)
  • Kettleshulme WI
  • Keyworth CC
  • Knutsford PS
  • Leek CC
  • Leica Fellowship
  • Leicester College (Dave Butcher Darkroom Masterclass)
  • Leicester Forest PS
  • Leigh & District PS
  • Leyland PS
  • Lincoln CC
  • Lincoln Monochrome Group
  • Lincolnshire Photographic Union
  • Litchfield Bros CC, Belper
  • Long Eaton CC
  • Lymm PS
  • Lytham St Annes PS
  • Macclesfield CC
  • Manchester Amateur PS
  • Manchester City College (Ilford Darkroom Masterclass)
  • Manchester Metropolitan University (Ilford Darkroom Masterclass)
  • Matlock CC
  • Melbourne PS (Derbyshire)
  • Mercia Group (Coventry)
  • Mid-Cheshire PS (Winsford)
  • Mold CC
  • Nantwich CC
  • Newark & District PS
  • Newcastle-under-lyme CC
  • Normanton CC
  • North Cheshire PS, Poynton
  • Northampton University (Ilford Darkroom Masterclass)
  • North East Lincolnshire PS (Cleethorpes)
  • Northwich PS
  • Norwich and District PS
  • Nottingham and Notts PS
  • Oldham CC
  • Oldham PS
  • Peterborough PS
  • PhotoLive London 2013
  • Preston PS
  • Prestwich Co-op PS
  • RB CC (Lincoln)
  • Retford PS
  • Richmond and Twickenham PS
  • Rochdale PS
  • Rolls Royce CC
  • Romiley Photo & DI Club
  • Rotherham College of Arts & Technology (Ilford Darkroom Masterclass)
  • Royal Photographic Society Midlands Region
  • Royal Photographic Society North Wales Region
  • Royal Photographic Society North West Region Monochrome Group
  • Royal Photographic Society Travel Group
  • Rushcliffe PS
  • Sale PS
  • Sandbach PS
  • Sheffield Norton College (Ilford Darkroom Masterclass)
  • Sheffield PS
  • Sheffield Society for the Encouragement of Art
  • Sheffield University PS
  • Shropshire PS
  • Sileby PS (near Leicester)
  • Smethwick PS
  • Solihull PS
  • Solihull School
  • South Birmingham PS
  • South Liverpool PS
  • South Manchester CC
  • South Normanton CC
  • Southport PS
  • St Helens CC
  • St Leonards PC (Stafford)
  • St Neots CC
  • Stafford PS
  • Staffordshire University, Stoke (Ilford Darkroom Masterclass)
  • Stalybridge PS
  • Stockport Photo & DI Soc
  • Stourbridge PS
  • Swinton & District APS
  • Tamworth PS
  • Tewin Horticultural Society Arts and Crafts Group
  • Thameside College, Ashton Under Lyne (Ilford Darkroom Masterclass)
  • Trinity Photo Group, Sutton Coldfield
  • TTL Doncaster CC
  • Wakefield CC
  • Warrington and District Camera Club
  • Warrington PS
  • Wigan PS
  • Wilmslow Guild PS
  • Wolverhampton University (Ilford Darkroom Masterclass)
  • Worksop & District PS
  • Wrexham and District PS
  • Yorkshire Monochrome
  • York PS
  • Yorkshire Photographic Union


Abbreviations used:

APS Amateur Photographic Society

CC Camera Club

DI Digital Imaging

PA Photographic Association

PC Photographic Club

PS Photographic Society

WI Women's Institute

Hi Dave, Thanks very much for your talk tonight. It was very enjoyable. I now have lots of images to look at in your books. Hopefully the monochrome photos of our members will improve in quality overnight! Thanks again and best wishes. Blackburn Camera Club, 10-March-2014

Hi Jan and Dave, on behalf of the members of Aston and Erdington Photo Club I would like to thank you for a great night, your passion for photography shown through your Peak Light lecture, the standard of your images and inspiring talk was just wonderful, the members keep saying to me when is he coming back! Once again thank you. Aston and Erdington PC, 27-February-2014

Hi Dave, Just another big thank you from me for a superb talk last night. Will feed back in due course. Enjoy yourselves. Tewin Horticultural, Arts and Crafts Society, 14-January-2014

Dear Dave, Thank you for the excellent talk at Askern Camera Club last night. On showing my son the 4books that I had bought he really liked the city light book . Is it possible to get another copy at last nights promotion price for Christmas. I will of course pay postage. Askern Camera Club, 11-December-2013

Hello Dave, Thank you so much for visiting our club on Wed. 20th Nov. From the feedback we have from our members, the evening was thoroughly enjoyed and much inspiration was generated from your pictures. It was a truly successful evening for us and we hope it was for you too. Thank you once again. Tamworth PC, 1-December-2013

Hi, I was lucky enough t be in the Northwich PS presentation tonight, Nice one! Spoke to your wife about the last print a slight Monet look, Northwich PS, 14-February-2013

Dear Dave & Jan, I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiring talk you gave in Ashbourne last night. It is so nice to see such wonderful prints and a pleasure to meet you both. Kindest regards, Ashbourne PS, 7-February-2013

Hi Dave, Thank you so much for giving us your talk ‘Landscapes in Black and White’ last Monday, it went down very well. A number of new members have been looking for new techniques and it would seem that the wheel has come full circle with monochrome print! So thank you again, and hopefully we can call on you in the future for another fascinating talk with stunning images. Very best wishes.
Derby Photographic Society, 5-November-2012

Hi Dave, Many thanks for your great talk last evening at Backwell. Backwell PS, 30-March-2012

"Dear David, On behalf of the Sileby Photographic Society may I thank you for your talk and print presentation on 'Peak Light'. Firstly I must apologise for not staying for your talk and print presentation but I have had a coughing bug for the past couple of weeks; so as not to disturb yourself and other members I decided to arrive, set up, and get to bed early. From what I gather this was a great pity as, number one, we do not get many presentations on 'real' monochrome work, and number two, I myself am a mono fan of the digital form. I do enjoy mono printing, preferring it to colour work, so I am sad that I missed you. Hopefully, there will be a next time. Well you certainly got a very good write up in Friday's Echo press. From what I can gather you gave them all something to talk about and learn from. One member told me that she didn't fall asleep in the second half, so you must have been good! Once again many thanks and we hope to see you again soon." Sileby Photographic Society, 15 February 2012 

 "Good morning Dave. Just a quick email to thank you once again for visiting us with your great images. It is a treat to see "real" monochrome work like this, I know a number of club members still use traditional darkrooms. I hope you have a successful 2012 and continue to travel and create inspiring images. Thank you." Atherton & District Photographic Society, 9 December 2011

 "Dear Dave, Thank you so much both on a personal level but more importantly of course on behalf of Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society for your superb presentation last night. We all thoroughly enjoyed the images and the stories behind them. Having seen many of your prints at first hand in your studio I was not surprised at the quality of the work you displayed but I am sure that to many in the audience who have no first hand experience of darkroom work it was a revelation. In a way I am sorry that I no longer have access to a darkroom but as you are aware digital imaging provides an easier way of obtaining our images for the majority of us who lack the skills you have in printing. Thanks again for a great evening.", Nottingham and Notts PS, 19 October 2011

Dear David, On behalf of the members of the Cotswold Monochrome Group I would like to express our sincere thanks for your most interesting lecture. The images presented were, as expected, of a very high standard and I'm sure will serve as an inspiration to the Group members, especially those like yourself who are still dedicated to silver prints, the quality of which in my opinion easily exceeds that generally (always?) achieved from digitally printed images. On a personal level I found it very refreshing to see landcape images presented without dark threatening skies but at the same time still conveying plenty of atmosphere. Again on a personal level I would wish to apologise for the delay in starting your talk caused by the ill-mannered and prolonged discussion on trivial club matters. I hope that this didn't detract too much from your visit to us. I trust that you and your wife Jan had a safe journey back to Derbyshire and hope that you will visit us again at some time in the future. Many thanks once more. Cotswold Monochrome Group, 23-May-2011

"Dear Dave, A quality performance last Saturday at The Lion Hotel – as I expected! It was just right and especially enjoyable to see superb black and white prints out of the darkroom – a great pleasure to so many of us. On behalf of all the members and their guests of The Leica Fellowship attending the meeting, a big thank you to you, Dave, for giving us such an excellent evening, clearly founded on your great depth and breadth of experience of monochrome at Ilford and thereafter. You made an important contribution to the success of the weekend. Thank you again. On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed our chats before and after the proceedings and was so glad that you could come. I hope to meet up with you again sometime. With best wishes." Leica Fellowship, 5 May 2011
Dear David, Just a note to thank you for last night's presentation of Peak Light. We were extremely privileged to enjoy an evening of superb quality black and white print work largely focussed on subject matter right on our doorstep, an area which I know many of us value immensely, but probably take for granted and fail to appreciate the photographic opportunities. When I got home my wife grabbed the book and revelled in the photos, many of the sites which we recognised and visit often. Thanks also to your wife who held the fort in Harrogate to facilitate your visit to Nantwich. Again many thanks, very best wishes and I hope that we are able to welcome you back on a future occassion. Nantwich CC, 6-April-2011
"Thanks for an inspiring talk tonight, I'm just sitting with a glass of red devouring "Peak Light". Hope you didn't mind the "self promotion" comment as you left the bar, obviously meant Tongue in cheek! Great night", Derby PS, 4 April 2011

 "Hi Dave, That's incredibly kind of you not to charge for your lecture. I have to say, we are boasting about having your books in our library a little bit! I think we are looking at buying another enlarger so the money will be going towards that. Jack, our darkroom officer, will keep in touch with you about coming for a day sometime in the next academic year. I think it would be a hugely useful experience for our members. I hope your trip to London went well. Best wishes.", Sheffield University Photographic Society, 25 March 2011

Dear Dave, What a fantastic body of work you showed us last Sunday. It was immediately obvious that you had full control of your camera techniques and had perfected the art of printing so well to obtain the results you did, but apart from that was your ability to see the shot in the first place. The resulting prints were most impressive and it was a pleasure to see so much beautiful mono work. The other thing that impressed me particularly was your generosity in sharing information on how you set about achieving your results and in dealing with the various questions thrown at you. We will certainly look forward to a further visit from you in the not too distant future. With best wishes. Yorkshire Monochrome Group, 13-March-2011

"Hi David, Just a line to say how we all enjoyed your presentation. On a personal note Barbara and I took great pleasure in your Peak photographs and those of Europe it brought back memories of our wandering days. Many thanks and I hope we can have another presentation in the future." Bramhall PS, 14 February 2011

"I really enjoyed the talk and photos last night, and I know many other members did also. The ones taken in the Peak District and Lake District were of particular interest since my husband and I do a lot of walking there. The ones in the mountains of Switzerland and Austria prove to me that maybe we are only "slipper walkers" after all!!! Something to aim for in the future. Thanks again - and the books are beautiful." Newark PS, 5 October 2010

"Just a note on behalf of the East Midlands Monochrome Group to say thank you for coming all the way down to Sywell last Wednesday to talk to us about 'Magnificent Monochrome'. The prints themselves and the sheer physical effort that must go into obtaining the shots in the first place impressed us all but, as you know from the show of hands, there are a good proportion of traditional darkroom workers in the Group, myself among them, who I am sure were particularly pleased to see such a wonderful selection of silver prints and to hear the methods used to make them described in proper langauge of the darkroom rather than 'photoshopese' which we hear so often and which tends to leave us baffled and bewildered. The series showing the effect of pre-flash and the method for producing black borders were very useful pieces of information whilst the use of toning encourages me to get my own out of the cupboard again after too long a lapse. Our thanks once again, and I hope you had a safe journey home." East Midlands Monochrome Group, 17 September 2010 

"Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable presentation last night to SMCC. It was very well received by all of the members present and a good turn out for late August. I really enjoyed your work and some of the fabulous places you have visited and photographed. Please keep me informed of future trips as we would very much like to invite you back." South Manchester CC, 24 August 2010 

 "I would like to thank you, on behalf of Stourbridge Photographic Society and myself, for a most entertaining evening that was enjoyed by all. It was a pleasure to see so much high quality black and white work, with a wide variety of subject matter. Although I have now succumbed to the evils of modern technology, and everything is captured in colour, I still prefer to work in black and white and feel that the full emotion and mood of a picture can only be achieved through this medium. Unfortunately, most newcomers to photography never see beyond colour although we have tried to encourage them to do so, but from comments made following your visit, you certainly gave them the inspiration they needed, as the following week we had a mono print competition and had the highest entry for a very long time. Again many thanks and we look forward to a further visit." Stourbridge Photographic Society, 9 April 2010

 "I hope you both had a safe journey home last night. On behalf of all NELPS members and our visitors many thanks for making that long journey to give us the great demonstration of your work , it was a most enjoyable evening and those that couldn't make it missed a great night. The dedication and physical effort you both make to produce such wonder full prints is obvious and something to be admired. Many thanks once again." Northeast Lincoln Photo Society, 8 April 2010

 "I am just an ordinary member of Mid Cheshire Camera Club. This is just a message of appreciation of your visit. It was a great priviledge to see your black and white images. Quite an eye opener! I am 66 years of age and have only been doing photography for three years. I have a small bungalow so I have nowhere to assemble my own darkroom. I am on a course at Mid Cheshire College and we have had some time in the darkroom, so I can appreciate the quality of black and white film shots. Also I am awaiting on a cataract operation so I cannot focus an enlarger. I have been told apparently that I can shoot b and w film, then have the shots produced to negatives, and if someone has a scanner, I can choose a shot to be developed elsewhere. This is something I am going to have to look into. In any event your presentation was very inspiring." Mid Cheshire CC, 27 February 2010

"To Dave. With thanks for a superb presentation of your pictures. They were so impressive in detail and contrast. Its years since I considered monotone, it was great. Also the unbelievable detail in the commentary, which added so much to the meaning and understanding for the site, the history and your awareness. Thanks again." Eastwood Photo Club, 7 November 2008

"Thank you so much for coming to York and giving us your presentation on Wednesday. I think I can speak for all our members when I say how much we enjoyed seeing your super pictures - even the colour workers (me included) found them stunning. I hope you also felt our appreciation." York Photographic Society, 17 October 2008 

 "Hi Dave & Jan, Thanks for a very interesting, informative and good natured talk last Tuesday at Wigan PS. As you are aware we have well over 50% of members who have never seen the inside of a darkroom, so some of the comments regarding chemicals, were straight over their heads. However having been chatting to members since then, everyone said how much they enjoyed the talk." Wigan Photographic Society, 24 April 2008

 "Thanks so much for coming to Cambridge Camera Club on Monday and sharing your 'Magnificent Monochrome' with us. The Members obviously greatly enjoyed your presentation - it was great to have the places that you photographed identified for one thing and to have such a wide range of places. There was definitely something for everyone and, as we have a fair smattering of monochrome workers and mountain lovers, some Members were particularly happy." Cambridge CC, 13 April 2008

"I enjoyed your talk and presentation very much, I shall look over your images (I bought your two books) with admiration and a little "wish I was there" attitude. I have just re-taken up fell walking and in the future will be visiting the lakes/peak area, who knows, I may even sign your visitors book, but will avoid the temptation to pitch my tent in your garden. Thanks for a very enjoyable evening." Lincoln Camera Club, 12-September-2007 

"Thank you very much for coming and giving my group such an interesting Masterclass this afternoon. They all really enjoyed it and were obviously pleased with their results." Sheffield Norton College, 15 November 2006 

 "Just a note to say how delighted I was to meet you again last night at Lytham, and I hope that your return journey was OK. Your images, as always, are brilliant - and it is lovely to see them all - all skillfully presented and you have had many an enjoyable day actually taking them I suspect - even if it means running across heavy snow! Good luck with all your endeavours." Lytham St Annes PS, 21 Oct 2005






All images are copyright © Dr Dave Butcher and may not be downloaded, copied or reproduced in any way without prior written permission. All rights are reserved.