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Prices and Print Information


Most black and white photographs on sale through this web site are available with prices increasing with image size. The exceptions are limited edition prints where the price is related to the size of the print run. Prices for Open Edition prints range from £20 for 30 x 24cm to £350 for 100 x 100cm (special order).

Postal and Shipping Charges
All orders are free of postage in the UK.

There is a shipping charge for destinations outside the UK:

  • For orders up to £100 the shipping charge is £10,
  • For orders above £100 the shipping charge is £25.

Please Note: The image area depends on the format of the photograph chosen. Dimensions quoted on this web site are approximate.


All photographs are taken on film and printed in the darkroom using a traditional chemical process. All photographs are signed by Dave Butcher.

They are available in various sizes in 2 types of silver gelatin prints:

  • Original Prints
  • Resin Coated Prints.

Original Prints

These are mainly open edition photographs and are hand printed by Dave Butcher using the finest quality baryta based photographic silver gelatin paper available today, Ilford Multigrade Fibre Based paper (FB). They will have an expected lifetime of over a hundred years.

The largest photograph that I can print in my darkroom is roughly 60 x 50 cm (24 x 20 inches), the image size is usually around 56 x 46cm after allowing for holding the paper flat in the darkroom. These are available as the 70 x 50cm and 70 x 70cm prints. This is the size of the image and window matt. They are also standard off-the-shelf frame sizes. Throughout most of this site, the sizes quoted for Original Prints refer to the size including the window matt, this is the frame size needed for the print as supplied.

There are 3 main formats of prints available, as well as the seldom used Letterbox format.

All photographs, except Letterbox format, are available as 30 x 24cm prints.

Square: Available to fit frame sizes of 100 x 100cm, 70 x 70cm, 50 x 50cm, 30 x 30cm and 30 x 24cm

Panoramic: Available to fit frame sizes of 100 x 50cm, 70 x 50cm, 60 x 40cm, 40 x 30cm and 30 x 24cm

Regular: Available to fit frame sizes of 100 x 70cm, 70 x 50cm, 60 x 50cm, 40 x 30cm and 30 x 24cm

Letterbox: Available to fit frame sizes of 95 x 33cm and 60 x 25cm only. Very few images in this format.


40 x 30 cm (image 30 x 20 cm): Fits 40 x 30 cm frame.

Leadenhall Market London

A photograph mounted in a 40 x 30cm frame


60 x 50 cm (image 46 x 36 cm): Fits 60 x 50 cm frame.

Dunstanburgh Castle

A square photo mounted and framed in a 60 x 50cm frame

The image sizes quoted are approximate and will vary according to the image format.

Other sizes and formats are available at shows, from Buxton Gallery in the Gardens and directly from the Dave Butcher Studio in Derbyshire.

Limited Edition Original Prints are also available for a very few images. They are printed in small numbers to make them exclusive. The print runs are between 1 and 25 prints. They are priced by print run, not by the dimensions of the print as elsewhere. They are signed, titled and individually numbered and are unmounted to allow you the full choice of options with the presentation. Ask for details.


Resin Coated Prints

Large prints, supplied unmounted without borders. printed by a specialist black and white photographic lab:

100 x 50 cm Panoramic, image size 100 x 50 cm

100 x 70 cm Regular horizontal or vertical, image size 100 x 70 cm

100 x 100 cm Square, image size 100 x 100 cm

Small Prints to fit 30 x 24cm frame. These are either hand printed by Dave Butcher, mounted and supplied with a window mount or printed by a specialist black and white photographic lab. and supplied unmounted with borders. In both cases the finished photograph as supplied is 30 x 24cm but the image is smaller:

30 x 24 cm RC Square, image size usually 15 x 15 cm

30 x 24 cm RC Normal horizontal or vertical, image size usually 21 x 15 cm

30 x 24 cm RC Panorama, image size usually 21 x 10.5 cm


St Paul's Cathedral from Millennium Bridge at Night

 A 100 x 50cm print framed with a window mount, we supply the print.


Special Order Prints

If you need a size or finish that is not listed on this site, in either the Original or Resin Coated Print ranges, please ask for a quote. Payment can still be made with Paypal using a special link that will be generated for your transaction, or any of the other payment methods.

Here are some examples of other sizes that are already available from us at shows and to personal callers to our gallery. We have narrow black aluminium frames ready-made for all of these for personal customers (frames cannot be posted, the glass breaks).

20 x 20cm - Resin Coated prints only, image 14 x 14cm, 3cm borders; £20

25 x 20cm - Resin Coated prints only, image 17 x 12cm, 4cm borders; £20

40 x 40cm - Original square format, image usually 28 x 28cm, 6cm borders; £100

50 x 40cm - Original horizontal or vertical format, image usually 38 x 28cm, 6cm borders; £120

80 x 60cm - Original big vertical format photos, image usually 56 x 46cm, 7cm borders on top and sides, 17cm border at bottom; £250

Wolf Creek 

Framed Landscape photo 80 x 60cm

Leadenhall Market, London

Framed City photo 80 x 60cm



The black and white Original and Limited Edition photographs by the photographer and printer, Dave Butcher, are widely sold for interior decor in the the home, office, hotel, restaurant, conference facility, etc and are in private collections. They also make ideal gifts for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and any special occasion.

The photographs are NOT mass produced. A typical print run is around 3 prints. Unless otherwise stated they are open edition prints, NOT limited editions. However, Dave Butcher produces lots of new work, many negatives are only ever printed once so in this case just 3 or 4 photographs are all that will be produced.


Mounted (unframed) Prints

Original Prints are mounted onto card then a window mount is cut with a suitable aperture to fit over the image area of the print. The mounted print is then ready to be framed, either at your local framing shop or using a standard size of ready made frame. Prints are trimmed to the sizes shown on the order pages (e.g. 30 x 40 cm, 60 x 50 cm, etc.) of the gallery section and will not need further trimming to fit standard ready made frames, as sold by many high street retailers. Original Prints are usually supplied in a clear protective sleeve.

Size Options - Inches or Cm

The matts can very easily be finished to the closest inch size. If you are in the USA, for example, this will allow you to buy a ready made frame to fit the picture from your local high street frame suppliers. Just make a comment on the order form that you want the print finishing to inches and it will be done.

The equivalent inch sizes:

30 x 30 cm = 12 x 12 inches

40 x 30 cm = 16 x 12 inches

50 x 50 cm = 20 x 20 inches

60 x 40 cm = 24 x 16 inches 

60 x 50 cm = 24 x 20 inches

70 x 50 cm = 28 x 22 inches (could be increased to 30 x 24 inches)

70 x 70 cm = 28 x 28 inches (could be increased to 30 x 30 inches)

Conservation grade mountboard is used exclusively to ensure that print life is not compromised by the choice of mount materials. Window mounts are white and lightly textured card.


Framed Photographs

To help you imagine what your photograph could look like once framed here is an example in a black frame. Black frames work very well with black and white photographs.

The frames are polished (shiny) black narrow-width aluminium

Framed prints can be supplied to personal callers to the gallery at Tunstead Milton or through art fairs and other exhibitions listed on this site. Framed prints are very reasonably priced and it may be worth considering a trip to the gallery in the beautiful Peak District, or to an art fair closer to your home, rather than paying for framing locally.

  • We do our own framing so that we can keep our prices as low as possible.
  • We use frames chosen to complement our photographs.


Print Life

With reasonable care, proper storage and display (preferably behind glass) these traditional darkroom prints will last for many generations.

Traditional photographic materials, such as the films and papers that I use, are based on silver-gelatine and this technolgy first produced images in the 1850's. These images are still in good condition. This gives me a lot of confidence in saying that my prints will last a lifetime, and probably several lifetimes!

In addition, fibre (Baryta) based photographic printing papers have been available for well over 100 years and prints from these earliest photographic times are still in excellent condition. The print life of fibre based prints, such as those that I sell through this web site, is therefore KNOWN to be well over 100 years.

Resin coated papers were introduced in the late 1960's and considerable improvements have been made since then. The print life is now KNOWN to be at least 50 years and will, in time, be proved to be considerably more.

For information, new computer printing materials (inkjet, giclee, etc) have an estimated print life based on a few weeks of experiments (usually between 4 and 6 weeks) using very controlled laboratory conditions (temperature and humidity, etc.). The light intensity used is at least 100 times greater than normal levels and some of the testing is performed using special filters to remove light known to be harmful to the materials (UV filters, etc) even though this is known to be present in normal light. There is also no agreed standard for what constitutes a normal day of daylight so again some companies take a low value to claim a better print life for their products than those from their competitors. The materials have only been available for a comparatively short period of a few years so there is little real life data available. However, as a scientist who used to run such trials for Ilford Photo, I find it difficult to accept that extrapolating from 4 weeks of data to 150 years print life is realistic!

It is my belief that digital prints cannot be compared with darkroom prints with any certainty with respect to print stability and longevity. Consequently, Dave Butcher Photography does not use inkjet computer printing for the fine art prints sold through this web site and elsewhere.



Unmounted Prints (Resin Coated Print range):

  • Large prints: Unmounted photographic prints are supplied in postal tubes. 
  • Larger orders may be supplied packed flat between MDF rigid board.
  • 30 x 24cm prints are supplied in a card postal envelope or packed flat between MDF rigid board.

Mounted Prints (Original Print range and some 30 x 24cm Resin Coated prints):

  • These are supplied flat in a clear protective sleeve, protected by MDF rigid board.
  • Once unpacked they will drop into a suitable ready-made frame to the dimensions noted when the order was placed. For example, a 60 x 50 cm mounted photograph will fit in a 60 x 50 cm frame. Alternatively, your local framing shop will be able to supply and fit a frame.


Fine Art Photographs Product Availability and Delivery Times

Dave Butcher Photography has an extensive product range. It is not possible to keep every image in stock in every size. It is the intention to despatch any photograph within 3 weeks of receiving an order but may take 4 weeks. This may be extended during periods of unusually high workload or due to photographic trips since most prints are hand printed exclusively by Dave Butcher. Prints that are in stock will usually be despatched within a few days of receiving an order. In the rare event of a problem with availability of a product, we will contact you. Books, posters and gift vouchers are always in stock and are usually despatched within 2 to 5 days.

Please let us know if you are ordering at short notice for specific dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries, we will always try and meet these although at busy periods, such as Christmas, and while we are away on extended photo trips (once or twice a year for up to 3 weeks at a time), this may not be possible.



All images are copyright © Dr Dave Butcher and may not be downloaded, copied or reproduced in any way without prior written permission. All rights are reserved.