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High Light

HIGH LIGHT - The Landscape Photography of Dave Butcher


HIGH LIGHT - The Landscape Photography of Dave Butcher

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My first book is still available. It was reprinted by the same printer that did the original print run to make sure the same high quality printing was achieved. The price includes UK shipping. There is a charge for shipping outside the UK.  All copies ordered here are signed by the author.

It has 64 pages with 60 of my photographs in 4 galleries: Mountain Light (shots from the Alps and Colorado), England and Wales, Scotland, Skiing and Snowshoeing (including ski mountaineering and piste skiing)

I have also written 3 sections covering the basics of: Hill and mountain landscape photography, equipment needed for this type of photography, darkroom techniques that I use, including the 'Ilford way' for split grade printing

The first 2 sections are written in general terms and are relevant to all photographers, not just those taking black and white photographs. They are just as appropriate for photographers taking colour and digital pictures as to black white photographers.

The short darkroom section is specific to black and white printing in the darkroom. It describes basic techniques, as well as those like split grade printing, in simple terms such that they can all be used routinely.

If ordering through a bookshop the ISBN is 1-904825-03-6.

Flick through a few pages of High Light:

All images are copyright © Dr Dave Butcher and may not be downloaded, copied or reproduced in any way without prior written permission. All rights are reserved.