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Land Light


LAND LIGHT - Landscapes Around the World

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Dave Butcher returns to landscape photography in this, his fifth book which is released alongside Snow Light.

Land Light is a new selection of previously unpublished photographs from around the world, all with Dave’s distinctive take on mountains, coasts, rivers and nature. Dave also provides a chapter unveiling his techniques of processing, scanning and printing black and white photographs for those inspired by his work.

Dave's Introduction:

"Land Light starts in England, Wales and Scotland, followed by Europe, New Zealand and America. Mostly I have selected images that have a natural feel to them and are without people or intrusive buildings wherever possible. Medieval castles in the landscape are an obvious but magnificent exception to the no buildings rule!

"I have included an article about producing prints as a film photographer in a digital age. This covers how I take my photographs, process my films, print in the darkroom, scan my negatives to a digital file and edit with Photoshop to roughly match what I can produce in the darkroom from negatives."

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If ordering through a bookshop the ISBN is 978-0-9555627-4-7


Professional Imagemaker (Jun-July 2015)

Land Light and Snow Light Review
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