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Snow Light by Dave Butcher


SNOW LIGHT - Snowscapes Around the World

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It’s probably safe to say Dave Butcher likes snow. A huge proportion of his work covers skiers, mountains, frozen forests and winter landscapes. Whilst most of his other books have featured snowscapes, Snow Light is the first to exclusively focus on them.

As well as a stunning new collection of icy shots Dave has written a chapter on aerial photography, a guide to winter photography and an essay on his obsessive nine-year quest to get one elusive shot.

Dave's introduction:

"As I pull this book together my first three landscape photography books, High Light, Peak Light and Lake Light are pretty much sold out. It prompted me to think about replacements, of which there are two. This one includes my snow landscapes, the other called Land Light, is all the landscapes without snow, in other words the ones that didn’t meet the criteria to be included here!

"In Snow Light the pictures had to have enough snow for them to be considered winter snow shots. However,since snow falls on mountains and surrounding areas at any time of year the date is largely irrelevant as far as selection was concerned. For example there are some really snowy shots taken in August in Switzerland but they look like it is deepest mid-winter.

"Snow Light is divided into three main sections by location, UK, Europe and USA. There is an article on Winter Photography after the UK section, as well as short sections on Aerial Photography from light aircraft after the Europe section and another on how obsessive landscape photography can become for me at the end of the book. The usual technical details on each photograph are included at the back of the book. The only image previously published in any of my books is Sunrise Ski in the Switzerland, Bernese Oberland section. This was the cover shot for my first book, High Light. It is my favourite image and is reproduced here in its original square format. I have previously published books on the Peak District, where I live, and Lake District so these areas do not feature too much in Snow Light."

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Professional Imagemaker (Jun-July 2015)

Land Light and Snow Light Review
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