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Darkroom Equipment Clearance

Listed here is equipment that I have been given, or notified of, to save it being scrapped. It is mostly darkroom equipment.

It is available free, to a good home, but you have to come here (near Buxton in Derbyshire) to collect it. 

If you have a darkroom that you would like to find a good home for but don't want any money for it then contact me and I may be able to help. I am constantly being asked for darkroom equipment by clients on my darkroom courses as well as students on my college masterclasses. 

Whatever equipment I am given is available at no charge; you just have to come here to Derbyshire and take it away as I am not prepared to pack it up and ship by courier. Much of it is no longer made and could be difficult to source if everyone throws their equipment away instead of recycling it.

Darkroom Equipment List - Free to a Good Home

It comes and goes very quickly at the moment so let me know your details and I will add you to my list and contact you when I receive anything.

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