High Light, Peak Light and Lake Light books by Dave Butcher

Customer Testimonials

Reproduced here are unsolicited comments from customers who have bought my photographs, posters, books or a course, and others who have commented on it. The names have been withheld for confidentiality.


"Hi Dave and Jan, I'm so pleased I bought this picture today - it looks fantastic on the wall and I didn't have to take any others down to make room for it. My daughter, Sue, was even more impressed when I told her that you're a Chelsea supporter! Hope you've both had a good day. AH, Congleton, 21-July-2012


"Dear Dave and Jan, Just a quick note to thank you for your kind hospitality and the course last weekend. It was a pleasure to meet you both, I had a fantastic time and really felt I picked up a wealth of knowledge to improve my printing. Unfortunately, I think I have brought the Peak District weather back with me as it hasn't stopped raining since I got home!", GS, Sussex, 11-June-2012


"Dave, A brief word of thanks to you and Jan for making me feel so welcome yesterday. Thanks also for your time and patience in the darkroom - I hope your back is ok after that lengthy session. You are both excellent and pleasant company. Thanks also for the voucher and suggestion about the Ilford print service. If you get chance to let me know about the Mamiya service guys I'd appreciate that. All the best to both of you and I hope our paths cross again in the not too distant future. Now where's my tape measure? It's about time we put that wardrobe to good use….Best Regards", PF, Sheffield, 21-May-2012


"Dear Dave & Jan, Just a note to thank you both again for a brilliant trip in Berwick! I certainly did find the three days interesting and a lot of fun. Thanks for finding the crab sandwich! I have now discovered Bob Rigby and have replaced my tripod head and have ordered a new lens; I did mention your name to explain how I found them. I hope we can meet again later. Best Wishes". DH, Cheshire, 23-April-2012


"Hello Dave, The print arrived a few minutes ago and I am very pleased with it. Best wishes". RC, Loughborough, 4-April-2012


"Dear Dave and Jan, Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed the course and our day in the Peaks last Saturday. I came away with a wealth of information and an enthusiasm to get out in the countryside and put it into practice. Many thanks for your hospitality." 
MR, Stone, 23 March 2012


"Dave, Just to say how much I am enjoying your book Lake Light, which I got at Focus. It was good to meet you at the show. Best regards". KL, 4-March-2012


"Dear David, On behalf of the Sileby Photographic Society may I thank you for your talk and print presentation on 'Peak Light'. Firstly I must apologise for not staying for your talk and print presentation but I have had a coughing bug for the past couple of weeks; so as not to disturb yourself and other members I decided to arrive, set up, and get to bed early. From what I gather this was a great pity as, number one, we do not get many presentations on 'real' monochrome work, and number two, I myself am a mono fan of the digital form. I do enjoy mono printing, preferring it to colour work, so I am sad that I missed you. Hopefully, there will be a next time. Well you certainly got a very good write up in Friday's Echo press. From what I can gather you gave them all something to talk about and learn from. One member told me that she didn't fall asleep in the second half, so you must have been good! Once again many thanks and we hope to see you again soon." Sileby Photographic Society, 15 February 2012


"Good morning Dave. Just a quick email to thank you once again for visiting us with your great images. It is a treat to see "real" monochrome work like this, I know a number of club members still use traditional darkrooms. I hope you have a successful 2012 and continue to travel and create inspiring images. Thank you." Atherton & District Photographic Society, 9 December 2011


"Dear Dave, Thank you so much both on a personal level but more importantly of course on behalf of Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society for your superb presentation last night. We all thoroughly enjoyed the images and the stories behind them. Having seen many of your prints at first hand in your studio I was not surprised at the quality of the work you displayed but I am sure that to many in the audience who have no first hand experience of darkroom work it was a revelation. In a way I am sorry that I no longer have access to a darkroom but as you are aware digital imaging provides an easier way of obtaining our images for the majority of us who lack the skills you have in printing. Thanks again for a great evening.", Nottingham and Notts PS, 19 October 2011


"Dave, Just wanted to say thank you for a great day yesterday. Sara summed it up on the way home when she said "I've learnt more today than the whole of last year" (referring to her photography evening class). We're certainly looking forward to putting the technique in to practice when we next get in the darkroom…life is going to be so much easier! We had a good run home and got back at about half past midnight, which was as good as could be expected really. Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative session. Perhaps join you on one of your other workshops in the near future.", LD & SN, Aberdeen, 13 June 2011 


"Hello David, Just to thank you and Jan, it was an excellent weekend, I learned a lot. How nice Black Sheep beer was. I have posted some of my photos on Flickr. Could you run your expert eye over them." DW, Surrey, 10 May 2011


"Dear Dave, A quality performance last Saturday at The Lion Hotel – as I expected! It was just right and especially enjoyable to see superb black and white prints out of the darkroom – a great pleasure to so many of us. On behalf of all the members and their guests of The Leica Fellowship attending the meeting, a big thank you to you, Dave, for giving us such an excellent evening, clearly founded on your great depth and breadth of experience of monochrome at Ilford and thereafter. You made an important contribution to the success of the weekend. Thank you again. On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed our chats before and after the proceedings and was so glad that you could come. I hope to meet up with you again sometime.  With best wishes." Leica Fellowship, 5 May 2011


"Hi Dave and Jan, Many, many thanks for a wonderful day out on Saturday. I really enjoyed the whole day and appreciate all your help and suggestions. I had a quick look at the photos I took and am pleased with some of them and will use the others as examples of "could do better"... When I get the chance, I'll upload them and look at 'tweaking' some in Aperture/Photoshop to B+W and will send a couple for you to look at. I think you mentioned that you use Fotki (No, we use Flickr, Ed), but I cannot see a link to it from your homepage, but memory can play cruel tricks !! We spent Sunday strolling down the Limestone path through Lathkill Dale and Monyash, but it was a lot, lot drier than your pictures of it... Once again, many thanks for a great day and hopefully see you at Wisley next week. cheers." BC, London, 18 April 2011


"Dave - Many thanks to you and Jan for a great day out on Saturday, thoroughly enjoyed and a great treat to have one to one input. Attached an initial selection of the images from the weekend for your comments and criticism/critiquing if you would please; I would be happy for any of them to be used on your website. Kindest regards to you both." KG, Nottingham, 18 April 2011


"Hi Dave, just wanted to thank both you and Jan for a great day on Friday, it was lovely to meet you both, I really enjoyed the help and support that you offered. The book is super, and I wondered if you would be interested in meeting up next time I am in Derbyshire (or before the beginning of July) to discuss whether you would be interested in exhibiting in the gallery in Melbourne. I appreciated the help and advice that you both offered me in setting up and thought that maybe we could help each other in the future. Best regards." DBL, Melbourne, 16 April 2011


"Thanks for an inspiring talk tonight, I'm just sitting with a glass of red devouring "Peak Light". Hope you didn't mind the "self promotion" comment as you left the bar, obviously meant Tongue in cheek! Great night", Paul, Derby, 4 April 2011


"Thanks again for a great course I really enjoyed myself. The negs have come out spot on. All shots taken were good to print so thanks for the advice on metering techniques. I shall ignore the camera meter now and pay more attention to my handheld meter. Particularly spot metering. Hoping to print next week so will see some final outcomes. Thanks again and be assured I will book again. Say Hi to Jan as well. Thanks." PW, Sheffield, 31 March 2011 


"Hi Dave and Jan, I just wanted to say thank you for a very enjoyable day out on Saturday and for all the great tips. I've attached a few of my images for you to post if any make the grade! Best wishes." HCW, London, 28 March 2011


"Hi Dave, That's incredibly kind of you not to charge for your lecture. I have to say, we are boasting about having your books in our library a little bit! I think we are looking at buying another enlarger so the money will be going towards that. Jack, our darkroom officer, will keep in touch with you about coming for a day sometime in the next academic year. I think it would be a hugely useful experience for our members. I hope your trip to London went well. Best wishes.", Sheffield University Photographic Society, 25 March 2011


"Hi David, Just a line to say how we all enjoyed your presentation. On a personal note Barbara and I took great pleasure in your Peak photographs and those of Europe it brought back memories of our wandering days. Many thanks and I hope we can have another presentation in the future." GJ, Bramhall, 14 February 2011


"Dave, May I first thank you for sending me the new print ordered before the Christmas break. Both Margaret and I think it will look fabulous , when framed, mounted with the others in our hall. May I also thank you for your help and hospitality shown when we came to see you both on the 10th. December last year. It was greatly appreciated. Finally, may we wish you both a very happy and prosperous New Year. Kind regards." CJ & MJ, Kenilworth, 4 January 2011


"Dave and Jan, Thank you for the newsletter and the Christmas greetings. I hope you, too, have a happy Christmas and best wishes to you both for the New Year. I really enjoyed the darkroom course, and your hospitality. As a result of what you showed me, I have gone back to basics with my printing: no machines, no meters, no calibration, just back to using my hands and eyes again. And it's a revelation. I'm learning so much more that way about how the materials perform and how to manipulate them to get what I want. I'm following the simple steps you showed me for split-grade, and successfully using the memories on my timer. (I've even started to work a little quicker - you were very patient with my slow pace. I got some glimpses of the speed at which you must normally work, towards the end of the day when you started to join in!). It was a bit of a mixed bag of negatives that I brought with me that day. Some quite ancient, thin and damaged. That was deliberate. It represents what I print from mostly. And I am pleased with the results we got from them. I've done quite a bit at home since the course and am feeling better able to get reasonable results. Now that I have been shown how easy it is to make local changes to density and contrast, I'm assessing my prints more constructively too. Thanks for that. All the best." PT, Cambridge, 24 December 2010


"Dear Dave rather belatedly a few photos. Yann and I have been arguing about our pictures for the last week. I like one or two but feel disappointed with others. That's what the course is all about - learning from mistakes. I thought your course was excellent. Well organised, well researched and a lot of fun. Not impressed with the way you organised the weather!!   I will come on your Peak District one day course followed by a second day", CB, 14 October 2010


"Dave, it took me quite a while to finally write to you but ever since our Photo Class I was busy and mostly away. I have to thank you and Jan once again for the fantastic day and the wonderful class! I certainly had a great time, even with the bad weather and the invasion of the midges. It truly was a unique experience and I enjoyed it very much! You, and Jan!, are brilliant teachers and the relaxed atmosphere of the small group certainly helped a lot to let everybody feel encouraged to learn, explore and discover new angles. Thanks again for a wonderful experience! I read on your website that you are going away on a trip to New Zealand next week and I'm wishing you all the best and lots of great photos! Have a great time and come back safe and sound! With the best wishes from Germany, take care." CZ, Germany, 13 October 2010


" Dave, Many thanks to yourself and Jan for a very enjoyable course last weekend. Despite the initial (very) poor weather on the Friday, where to be honest teddy was about to go out the pram by Wast Water, it proved to be a very enjoyable time where I feel I learnt a lot. You asked for pics - I think you link from your flickr account to the picks in mine (if not I can always send you them) - I've resurrected my account, take you pick of what I have posted so far. I appreciate you won't be doing a Northumbria course next year, but I would be interested if you did change your mind. Once again, many thanks to you both." AR, Sheffield, 9 October 2010


"Just to confirm I picked the photo up yesterday. Really happy with it and quite excited about giving it to my mother! I'm sure we'll purchase from you again in the future. Many thanks." JS, Swanwick, 8 October 2010


"I really enjoyed the talk and photos last night, and I know many other members did also. The ones taken in the Peak District and Lake District were of particular interest since my husband and I do a lot of walking there. The ones in the mountains of Switzerland and Austria prove to me that maybe we are only "slipper walkers" after all!!! Something to aim for in the future. Thanks again - and the books are beautiful." WG, Newark, 5 October 2010


"Just collected it from the post office (missed the delivery by 2 mins yesterday!). It's a wonderful photo and I know my brother will love it. Thank you for being so helpful - a great buying experience! Best wishes." JW, London, 21 September 2010


"Dave and Jan. A big thank you for making me so welcome and offering such excellent advice on the landscape photography walking course held on 11th September. I had a brilliant day. I have uploaded images onto my Flickr site following your helpful card slavishly. Please leave me any critiques i would welcome feedback. If you would like me to email them please say so or download them and use as you please. Hope you are both well and I look forward to joining you in the Lake District in the future. Very best wishes." PW, Doncaster, 21 September 2010


"Just a note on behalf of the East Midlands Monochrome Group to say thank you for coming all the way down to Sywell last Wednesday to talk to us about 'Magnificent Monochrome'. The prints themselves and the sheer physical effort that must go into obtaining the shots in the first place impressed us all but, as you know from the show of hands, there are a good proportion of traditional darkroom workers in the Group, myself among them, who I am sure were particularly pleased to see such a wonderful selection of silver prints and to hear the methods used to make them described in proper langauge of the darkroom rather than 'photoshopese' which we hear so often and which tends to leave us baffled and bewildered. The series showing the effect of pre-flash and the method for producing black borders were very useful pieces of information whilst the use of toning encourages me to get my own out of the cupboard again after too long a lapse. Our thanks once again, and I hope you had a safe journey home." East Midlands Monochrome Group, 17 September 2010


"Just wanted to say that your course has helped me tremendously. I have really progressed with my work since your course and it helped me to review and improve my practice. Thank you so much for your support and advice, and for helping me to find inspiration again!  A big thank you to Harman as their support has been invaluable!" AA, Cambridge, 16 September 2010


"Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable presentation last night to SMCC. It was very well received by all of the members present and a good turn out for late August. I really enjoyed your work and some of the fabulous places you have visited and photographed. Please keep me informed of future trips as we would very much like to invite you back." GC, 24 August 2010


"Hello Dave, please find attached images from the course at Eskdale on 11th July. Not sure how well they survive my scanner and re-sizing but hope they look ok. Thank you very much, to you and Jan, both for sponsoring the competition, and for making it a really great day. From start to finish we had the benefit of great local knowledge and lots of help and advice in a very relaxed atmosphere. I look forward to meeting you again, regards". MT, Cheshire, 2 August 2010


"Thank you – I wasn’t sure if the files were the right sort of spec, as I still struggle a bit with parts of the digital stuff. Here are a couple more, and I’ll send the rest through in separate emails: the system doesn’t seem to like having too much to chew on at a time! As you may well have noticed at the time, I couldn’t resist taking a few shots of others at work (I KNOW that Jan was doing that, but it is what I do most of, usually). I would like to do a write-up of the course for the Camera Club magazine – they’re very keen on landscape articles, and this would be a chance to give a very different view of things (as a learning experience, instead of an enthusiast holding forth). Of course, I’d include a link to your website. There’s actually quite a lot to say about the day – it made me appreciate things that I knew in theory, but didn’t feel in my bones, so to speak… If I ever aim to do a lot of landscape work, I will definitely get a leaf-shutter medium format camera! (As well as a carbon fibre tripod…) Doing some pictures the following day in Wasdale, it came home to me what inappropriate technology a really modern camera is for landscapes, because you switch off just about all of the aids it provides (AF, AE, and lock the mirror up if you can!) It’s interesting that I’d not have clocked this without going on a course. I was VERY mindful of your split-grade course while I was labouring the other weekend in the darkroom… As I think I may have said in the pub, I may yet have to do that course, just to find out, to understand the process, and be able to take a fully-informed view of split grade work! It’s certainly something I’ve never yet tried… Best wishes" JD, Walsall, 1 August 2010


"Dave – A belated email to say thank you to both you and Janice for a wonderful day last Sunday – it’s been a busy week, and I’ve been rushing about doing things instead of following up things already done (a big pile of film waiting in the darkroom, for one thing!) Where to start is the problem. I’ve known a lot of the things you showed us for a while: the difference is that I now understand them experientially, and have seen an expert putting them into practice… That means that I am far more likely, in any given situation, to put my camera on a tripod and stop down to f/22 in future. I’m sure I’ll still do a good number of shots using the fast film, handheld approach, but you’ve effectively extended my range significantly! There’s an enormous difference between reading, and seeing / doing. I’d therefore recommend your course to others who (like me) have been around cameras long enough to have read everything! Also, it was nice to be with a group of diverse but photographic people for a day: I’m usually a pretty antisocial person when I have a camera in use, and avoid others: I haven’t been a member of a club for many years, and don’t intend changing – I like to go my own way too much for print battles. But you and Janice, together with Anna and Mark, made it an entirely enjoyable day, finding out how others approach things, and just chatting about picture and camera-related stuff. And, despite having decided she probably wasn’t going to enjoy the group time much, Janet really enjoyed chatting – the combination of your quiet technical competence and Janice’s ability to make everyone feel comfortable entirely won her over. Thank you both. I may yet have to sign up for the darkroom day to crack the split grade thing. I shall be looking at my prints very hard indeed, and also looking at your books! I’ll also be trying your developing technique: Ag Photographic will be selling me a new bottle of developer next week, and I’ll be giving SFX another bash, developing it in with the FP4. My son will be poring over your books this weekend, to see if there are places he wants to walk, and hasn’t yet! Finally… If Mark would be interested in playing with a 5”x4” camera for a day, please pass him my contact details, and we can arrange a day with my Cambo, so that he can find out for himself what using one is like… Best wishes for a fun and profitable year. See you again, I hope." JD, Walsall, 17 July 2010


"I collected the photographs today and they are fantastic. Thank you so much." ZM, Buxton, 15 July 2010


"I thought that you might welcome this feedback! I have just had the second film back from Ilford and think that one of the photos of Ritson's Force, with some tweaking, will make an excellent photo for the wall! I now need to tweak and then, following your advice save as a Tiff and then hopefully persuade Ilford to print for me-ideally 16x20. Thanks for the advice on the course; despite appearances it did sink in and I learnt a good deal that I will not readily forget. Especially perhaps the importance of composition and actually taking the photograph and seizing the moment rather than just admiring the view! I am sure that your thoughts and Jan's will readily recollect the good time we all had whilst mindful of the awful tragedy the same area has now experienced." RD, Lutterworth, 7 June 2010


"Many thanks for this it arrived today. It is a wonderful photo, I grew up in Buxton and we loved your photos when we visited in May – we saw your exhibition in the Pavilion Gardens. Thanks again." KB, Surrey, 8 July 2010


"Hey Dave, only got back last night after a rewarding Four Peaks Challenge. The Girls won the Ladies team award - so well worth the effort. I gave the 4 Peaks framed pics to each of the 3 girls when they arrived back in Sheffield late last night. They were obviously very touched and  appreciated the quality of the 4 Peaks Quartet. Many thanks again for delivering personally and for responding so quickly to my request." JK, Sheffield, 5 July 2010


"I had a lovely day last week *thank you* its so nice to talk photography all day!!! And not the usual crap of my management life! I've made a decision that all shots from this course HAVE to become monochrome and as you know I'm a great lover of the channel mixer (although I'm sure desaturate in CS5 is better) and attach my first effort that I've scaled down for ease of posting. I should get to some of the others later in the week. Look forward to seeing you again soon." SB, Winsford, 1 June 2010


"I'm getting my friends excited about Dave's courses and hope at least one of them will be able to sign up, I know he would get a lot out of it. I'm posting a CD of a few of the pictures I took on the course as well as one or two 'homework' shots I've done since. I realise now the importance of texture in monochrome shots and I'm afraid some of the ones I took were a bit flat. I have 2 that I think are acceptable!! You both have given me so much more confidence both with the camera and Photoshop etc. I am really grateful. Thanks again for such a great experience on the three day course, it has changed the way I take photos big time." EB, Leek, 10 May 2010 


"The photo actually turned up today with my in-laws as it was a 40th wedding anniversary present for them. I have literally just had a phone call from them and they are delighted with both the photo and book. They said the photo is stunning, so many thanks from both of us." SM & AM, Rugby, 14 April 2010


"St Anton photo arrived at my hotel in St Anton as promised and looks great. Thanks." CR, London, 13 April 2010


"Dear Dave and Jan, Huge thanks for your hospitality and the immensley pleasurable and rewarding darkroom workshop. Even more thanks for the enlarger. Really looking forward to setting it up and using it. My wife was knocked out by the prints. Thanks again to you both for a really super day. Cheers." RR, 11 April 2010


"Hi, Thanks for a fantastic day yesterday. I am in the Apple store at the moment, I have had an attempt at converting a few of the shots to black and white in Aperture. I will have a go at some of my other shots when I get home. Thanks again for yesterday." AK, Manchester, 10 April 2010


"I would like to thank you, on behalf of Stourbridge Photographic Society and myself, for a most entertaining evening that was enjoyed by all. It was a pleasure to see so much high quality black and white work, with a wide variety of subject matter. Although I have now succumbed to the evils of modern technology, and everything is captured in colour, I still prefer to work in black and white and feel that the full emotion and mood of a picture can only be achieved through this medium. Unfortunately, most newcomers to photography never see beyond colour although we have tried to encourage them to do so, but from comments made following your visit, you certainly gave them the inspiration they needed, as the following week we had a mono print competition and had the highest entry for a very long time. Again many thanks and we look forward to a further visit." Stourbridge Photographic Society, 9 April 2010


"I hope you both had a safe journey home last night. On behalf of all NELPS members and our visitors many thanks for making that long journey to give us the great  demonstration of your work , it was a most enjoyable evening and  those that couldn't make it missed a great night. The dedication and physical effort you both make to produce such wonder full prints is obvious and something to be admired. Many thanks once again." Northeast Lincoln Photo Society, 8 April 2010


"Three great days in the Peak District - we hoped for good photos which we got - did not expect to experience all of the seasons in a single day. But then as the saying goes we got more than we bargained for. Now back in London extolling the virtues of the course to all those at the office - I am sure I bored them silly. Lots of time now with Aperture to fine tune the shots and then some haggling with my wife to let us attend another course. CK & AK, London, 5 April 2010

"Another great day out in the magnificent countryside. The weather was kind. We have honed our skills and added loads of shots to our portfolio. How will we ever pick just one each to go on the wall. Dave thanks again for your insight and patience
Jan thanks for the warm drinks when we return to base. Bring on day three." CK & AK, London, 3 April 2010


"We had a great day - and have learnt loads - thanks Dave. We are drying out and looking forward to day 2." CK & AK, London, 2 April 2010


"Just a short note to thank you for the prompt despatch of my ordered copy of Lake Light. The photos are superb, many thanks for producing the book and allowing us to have access to them. Two weeks ago I went back to the lakes, to Keswick, for a weeks holiday. It was 39 years since I have visited the area, I now wonder why!! We had 4 consecutive full days of sunshine and 2 half days of sun which led to picture taking from dawn to dusk, at some of the locations seen in the book. The biggest difference was the lack of water in some places. Ashness bridge just had a trickle and Derwent was quite low but the snow on the tops made up for it and the best reflection conditions on the lakes making it a superb experience. I hope one day soon to attend one of your courses and in the meantime follow your blog. Many thanks again.", CH, 23 March 2010


"This 3 day course has taken me from locating the camera ‘on/off button’ through to taking some very acceptable shots! Thank you.

I would recommend this course to anyone at any level of competence from…. no idea how to take a photo (me) through to an advanced level of photography skill. Extremely well organised with expert 1-2-1 tuition and an amazing and varied insight into the lakes…not to mention excellent pub / food and great company thrown in for good measure. We were extremely well catered for. Brilliant!

Dave and Jan were the perfect hosts. We would challenge anyone not to enjoy this course. We feel as though we have had a really good holiday and learned a new skill in the process. We will definitely return for more.

Dave and Jan managed to provide the perfect balance between sharing their in-depth photography skills with an extensive knowledge of the area and all that the Lakes have to offer – waterfalls; high peaks; lakes of course and much more – all tuned to our individual requirements.

A big thank you for making this course so much more – and for sharing your extensive knowledge and tips not only of the course subject but for taking us to locations we wouldn’t have found on our own. Thank you for showing me how to get the best out of my camera. It’s opened up a whole new world!

How are you both? A very big thank you for organising a really really great time in the Lakes. We can't stop talking about it and spent yesterday downloading some good pics ( and recovering from a late night in the pub) - yes we made it back in good time, which was a mixed blessing!! Will send some chosen photo's just a soon as I locate the 'black and white' button in the Picassa photo suite! Wishing you both well for future courses - don't change the format - it works really well!!" AR & SR, Henley on Thames, 19 March 2010


"I am just an ordinary member of Mid Cheshire Camera Club. This is just a message of appreciation of your visit. It was a great priviledge to see your black and white images. Quite an eye opener! I am 66 years of age and have only been doing photography for three years. I have a small bungalow so I have nowhere to assemble my own darkroom. I am on a course at Mid Cheshire College and we have had some time in the  darkroom, so I can appreciate the quality of black and white film shots. Also I am awaiting on a cataract operation so I cannot focus an enlarger. I have been told apparently that I can shoot b and w film, then have the shots produced to negatives, and if someone has a scanner, I can choose a shot to be developed elsewhere. This is something I am going to have to look into. In any event your presentation was very inspiring." DJ, Cheshire, 27 February 2010


"Managed to collect photos from Buxton Gallery last Sunday. Snow amazing crossing over by Flash. Thanks very much. Photos are great." JF, Stoke-on-Trent, 19 January 2010


Comment after a 1-to-1 course for 3 days: "These photographs were taken during a very cold weekend in December 2009 in the High Peaks, Derbyshire, during a black and white photography workshop with local landscape photographer Dave Butcher. All the photos are black and white, most taken on my Mamiya 7 medium format 6x7 rangefinder camera (which performed magnificently), some taken with my Leica M6 and Bessa R2C rangefinder 35mm film cameras. I can highly recommend Dave's work and courses. He is a first class photographer with an infectious passion for film and black and white. His tuition in dark room printing was as enjoyable and useful as taking the photos with him." NdM, London, 23 December 2009


Thanks for the picture - it's lovely." SP, Oxfordshire, 13 November 2009


"Dear Dave, just a short note to thank you and congratulate you on an excellent course yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and truly learnt a lot. It has been a long time since I worked in a dark room. The last time would be in the 1970's when I was working in Canada. Wonderful.I have spent all morning searching for the below lens filter kit. Nobody seemed to have it. Eventually I found a firm called Second Hand Darkroom and they have it. I would be very keen to hire your services to do a 2 day course, part of the time learning more about printing and the other part on finishing photos, i.e.mounting, retouching blemishes, getting photos ready to frame, etc. If this is of interest to you I would try to find 2 companions. Also is your lake district course suitable for old men with vertigo and younger men who only take digital photos? My son and I could be interested. Once again thank you for yesterday. I will now go on your website and print off the printing notes. Best wishes." CB, Bradford, 8 November 2009


"Dear Dave and Jan, thank you for the weekend, well Satuurday, I had a great time and enjoyed the day. Photographs on way to Ilford and still on CF card waitng for a spare day hpefully this weekend!" AR, Birmingham, 19 October 2009


"Just a line to thank you, and the lovely Jan, for a truly memorable and absorbing day. I'm genuinely gobsmacked at the transformation of my prints but hope that, with sufficient practice, I'll be able to replicate that quality in my own darkroom. I very much look forward to seeing you again in Eskdale in March - assuming that my credit card has recovered from the pounding it took yesterday..." RL, 12 October 2009


"Hi Dave and Jan, just wanted to say thanks again for a superb day. The company was superb, locations inspiring and the level of support exactly what I was looking for. Have I said superb day? I think Dave was right, I do need some new kit; a carbon fibre tripod and a medium format film camera.  I will be down at my local camera shop next week for a few rolls of FP4 and dusting off my Canon EOS 300 for my next outing.  Might need to ask your recommendation though for somewhere that can process the film and provide me with high-res scans as I have no such facilities at the moment. Just about to check the memory card (and back the RAW files up - after losing 2 years worth of images last week I'm being ultra cautious!) and will hopefully find a couple fit for your blog! Thanks again, I shall definitely be recommending you to the "Flickr 21"! DW, Leeds, 9 October 2009


At a homes show in Chester last year..the photographs brought me to tears! If possible can the image reach me for the 17th October as it is a present for my husband. Hopefully he'll find it a beautiful memory of our time living near the peaks; a view to enjoy everyday!" JJ, Leigh-on-Sea, 1 October 2009


"Thank you for a great day last week in the darkroom. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I loved seeing your photographs on the walls and now have 'Sandwood Bay' on mine! An inspiration. Thanks also to Jan for looking after us. You both make a great team and I can't recommend you highly enough. If you are ever in Sutherland please give a call. P.S. I love reading your blog about the Munro's and photos." CM, Bonar Bridge, 22 September 2009


"Thanks very much for the day in Derbyshire on the 11th Sept. I really enjoyed it and felt I learned a lot about composition and exposure. You and Jan looked after us very well. I've only had one film back so far, attached is a scan of the group shot I took at Three Shire Heads at the end of the day, and the one you said was an Ansel Adams tree shot in the Goyt valley by Goyt's Bridge, the sunlit tree seems less obvious now on the print, I should have zoomed a bit more maybe, but I like the arrangement of the undergrowth! Thanks again, it has spurred me on, better tripod on the Christmas list too." HT, 22 September 2009


"I had a smashing time and would just like to say thanks once again for making the day so enjoyable. I've definitely been able to take some useful tips and ideas on board, and am feeling quite positive about my photography again. Cheers. TR, 19 September 2009


"Dear Jan and Dave, Huge thanks for yesterday, thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it all. About the only time I've ever been reluctant to go to the pub! Initially hugely disappointed by the fact that your hesitant participant eventually arrived last night, and I couldn't get the darkroom experience today. In retrospect, however,it was a blessing in disguise,as I was very, very tired last night, very late up this morning and still feeling the effects of carrying the Bronie&tripod! Upside of this I've developed one of the films and am almost childishly excited about developing the others! I will contact you soon to arrange a darkroom experience. My time at the moment is still very flexible and could fill any likely darkroom spaces created by cancellations at short notice. I ll be in touch to arrange a darkroom date when Im more aware of our plans. Again many thanks and looking forward to seeing you fairly soon. All the best." RR, Nottingham, 12 September 2009


"I spent all day snapping shots of picturesque bits of the Peak District on a landscape photography course run by Dave Butcher. It was splendid fun, very interesting and illuminating. We had brilliant weather all day, and visited some lovely spots, and I'm now completely knackered. I'm going to have to leave processing the shots for another day." TR (Extract from Flickr page), 11 September 2009


"Thank you both for an excellent day for Claire. She learnt a lot and has a couple of pics I'll enlarge for the house. Congratulations and admiration on your photography. I hope my daughter will come soon. She married in late April, has a new home and is changing careers, so its difficult for her to structure her time. Her husband was editor of a birding magazine; but happily they twitch less often nowadays. I hope I'll come with my daughter Nathalie and meet you again. CG, London, 14 July 2009


"Hi Dave & Jan, Thank you for your kind hospitality at last weekends darkroom course, I have been back in the darkroom twice this week and have seen a significant increase in printing quality and production. Your advice over getting flat fibre based prints has worked and i'm still learning how to increase the tonal range of my prints. I would be very grateful if you could advise me on further courses in the darkroom with your self so I become a more proficient printer. Thanks." PW, Sheffield, 19 June 2009


"Dear Dave and Jan, A quick email just to say a huge 'Thank you' once again for the course on Saturday. It was a great day. Not only enjoyable in it's own right, but I feel I learned a huge amount - and look forwards to applying the information. I think I'm going to be spending some time getting to grips with photoshop though! Kind regards." MH, 15 June 2009


"Hi Dave, Just want to thank you for the great workshop and warml hospitality. I really enjoyed the day and I’m planning to attend the landscape workshop sometime in the near future, probably after I get back from Canada in late august.. I’ve mentioned the print glazer that you offered to my long suffering wife and was surprised that her reaction was somewhat neutral, therefore, I feel there is hope. Just have to find a suitable place for it and I’ll be in touch if all works out. I was very much taken by the Mamiya 7 and believe that you mentioned that there is a dealer near you that carries them and is the least expensive in Britain, Could you please give me the dealers name again? Thanks again and best regards. NS, Manchester, 15 June 2009


"Dear Jan and Dave, Thanks again for a fantastic day yesterday. I learned so much, not least to overcome my fear of film! Thanks again for a great day out, and if you happen to be in the Sheffield/Rotherham area and want a cup of tea or a pint in the pub please get in touch." SF, Sheffield, 13 June 2009


"Just a quick note to tell you the two books ordered yesterday have arrived this morning, so many thanks for that. I have to say that your photographs are simply stunning, and they will inspire me to hopefully improve my own black & white photography.  It is also very gratifying to know there are other photographers like yourself who still use traditional film. I have been doing black & white since around the early 1990's, but unfortunately for the last five years or so I haven't been involved as much, so I definitely want to get back into it again.  I normally use Ilford FP4 and HP5, but my local Jessops store only seem to keep 2 or 3 rolls in stock at any one time.  I contacted Ilford fearing that film may be on its way out, but thankfully they assured me that there was still demand for it. Well, once again thank you very much for the books - and thanks for signing them too." CV, 17 March 2009


"I had a smashing time and would just like to say thanks once again for making the day so enjoyable. I've definitely been able to take some useful tips and ideas on board, and am feeling quite positive about my photography again. Cheers." TS, Derbyshire, 13 March 2009


"I just wanted to thank you both for an excellent day yesterday. My wife and daughter were blown away by the print of the Venice mask, not a normal reaction to my prints and I am now sold on the split grade technique. I hope to see you again sometime in the future." MB, Chilbolton, 13 March 2009


"Hello Dave, My name is Tania and I have a few questions for you. I am doing a presentation on you for a photography class. I was just searching around for a good photographer who has the same interest or view as I do. I love your pictures, by the way. But I was just wondering a few things that I could not find on your website.

  • How did you to become a self-employed photographer? I had to leave my job at Ilford with a bad back and being a photographer had always been my dream so I was lucky enough to make it happen. Never give up on your dreams.
  • It looks like you were going to become a chemist, what changed your mind? No, I am a chemist by formal training with a PhD from Cambridge.
  • Did you take photography classes? If so where? No formal photography training just 21 years working for Ilford Photo.
  • Did you just pick up photography randomly one day and you saw a future with it? No I worked hard on my style over many years.
  • What made you choose the landscapes you photograph? I live in the landcape so it seemd the natural thing to do.

Thank you for your cooperation," TT, 3 March 2009


"Just looking at your new Chicago images. Wow! They are gorgeous. Is that moon in Chicago a double exposure? Amazing." TB, Michigan USA, 3 March 2010


"OMG these are fantastic. I've been to Chicago many times but your new web images images put a completely different spin on a city I thought I knew really well." MDV, New York, 1 March 2010


"What wonderful photos of Chicago!! You're not just a pretty face!!", WP, Delaware USA, 28 February 2010


"The pictures arrived safely today. We are very impressed with the packaging but more importantly we think that the photos are fantastic! Thank you very much for turning them around so quickly. We are looking forward to meeting you when you come to Henley upon Thames in May. Please could you send us details of this event when you know." TC & GC, Purley, 17 February 2009


"Dave, Many thanks to you for an excellent day on Thursday. Old paper now consigned to recycling - I found a date stamp: 1990 - so it was well past it's use by date! Restocked, and spent this afternoon practicing my newly acquired skills - result: four very satisfying prints. Thanks again.", RG, 14 March 2009


"Just a thank you to say how much i enjoyed the darkroom workshop on Sat 8th November. It was a complete pleasure working in the darkroom under your guidance. My new student loan comes in, in January so I will book another darkroom course with you then. Would it be possible to put my name down when you are offered any complete darkroom's, that you mentioned Saturday. I realize there must be a long waiting list from your clients, but I thought I would mention it, as I am very interested. Picking up such darkroom equipment would prove no problem for me. Thank also, your lovely wife for making me feel so welcome and the gorgeous cake I took home, DS, Lincoln, 13 November 2008


"Many thanks for a super day yesterday. It was fantastic ( as was lunch) it wasn't until I was going the wrong way through Stockport that I realised I should have taken advantage of the picture frame sale for at least my pics alone ! Must have been sniffing too many chemicals. Hope your evening in Chester was good. Many thanks again and kind regards to you both. LM, Heswall, 9 November 2008


"To Dave. With thanks for a superb presentation of your pictures. They were so impressive in detail and contrast. Its years since I considered monotone, it was great. Also the unbelievable detail in the commentary, which added so much to the meaning and understanding for the site, the history and your awareness. Thanks again." PM, Eastwood Photo Club, 7 November 2008


"Thanks for a great day. I found last Saturday's field photography day most enjoyable and instructive. I hope to have my snaps processed before too long and would look maybe to forward a couple of the best if you were interested. Thanks again for a really great day. Best wishes." RW, 21 October 2011

"Thank you so much for coming to York and giving us your presentation on Wednesday. I think I can speak for all our members when I say how much we enjoyed seeing your super pictures - even the colour workers (me included) found them stunning. I hope you also felt our appreciation." York Photographic Society, 17 October 2008


"Many thanks for darkroom course, it was very enjoyable and helpful." NF, London, 17-October-2008


"Thanks again for an enjoyable day on Saturday – hopefully processing the negs will show it to have been a fruitful day too. It probably did no harm to have to think and look a bit harder in the conditions, instead of picking off the easy sunny hits!" RF, Stockport, 13-October-2008


"Thank you for letting us use your magnificent photographs in our magazine story. I also include your web site address to give readers further education on black and white photography. Your web pages are exceptionally informative." MM, Finland, 11 September 2008


""Just to say that the print arrived safe and sound today - many thanks. It's now hanging above my desk!", EV, 9-September-2008


"Love the pictures, and the website. Many of the places you have covered are special to us. As I said, New York, San Francisco and Yosemite are particularly familiar, but we lived in Paris for a year and actually went to a wedding at The Breakers! It was a pleasure chatting to you on Saturday. Best wishes for continued success with your venture." BK, Harpenden, 1 September 2008


"Just a note to say that i really enjoyed the day yesterday. I would like to come again either in autumn or winter, depending on dates. Can you let me have latter sometime please?" FO, 24-August-2008


"Hi Dave, I absolutely LOVE your photos! Brilliant. I am a Toronto fine arts photographer and am just switching from Kodak HIE to "other" infrared films, 35mm. I see you have enormous success with Ilford. Can you kindly comment on its performance as compared with the HIE (no longer available, sadly) or the Rollei or Efke? You might have the real goods on this kind of comparison. Thanks so very much!", SL, Canada, 13 August 2008


 "I just wanted to say thank you for getting the picture to me so quickly last week. The photo looks great, I'm very pleased with it. Many thanks." SR, London, 11 August 2008


"Good to meet you both last Saturday. Enjoyed the exhibition and now enjoying the book. Good luck with this project." TE, Derby, 7 June 2008


"Hi Dave & Jan, Thanks for a very interesting, informative and good natured talk last Tuesday at Wigan PS. As you are aware we have well over 50% of members who have never seen the inside of a darkroom, so some of the comments regarding chemicals, were straight over their heads. However having been chatting to members since then, everyone said how much they enjoyed the talk." Wigan Photographic Society, 24 April 2008


"Thanks so much for coming to Cambridge Camera Club on Monday and sharing your 'Magnificent Monochrome' with us. The Members obviously greatly enjoyed your presentation - it was great to have the places that you photographed identified for one thing and to have such a wide range of places. There was definitely something for everyone and, as we have a fair smattering of monochrome workers and mountain lovers, some Members were particularly happy." AM, Cambridge, 13 April 2008


"Received your book a while ago - should have thanked you for it then.  Better late than never, so many thanks. Just seen your exhibition at Buxton Museum which is great. Seeing those images at a much bigger size really brings them out.  Particularly impressed with the printing too, superb." PT, Matlock, 8 March 2008


"I just recently discovered your website and was very impressed at your work, your personal biography and the many accomplishments you have attained in your life. I recently retired and began to pursue an old pastime of mine; B+W photography. Much like yourself, I also have the Mamiya 7II camera body with a newly purchased 43mm wide angle, 65mm and 80mm lens. I also have some 35mm camera gear that will be used to supplement my Mamiya 7II. It's my desire to visit many of the National Parks here in the U.S.A, and work to capture their beauty. I had the opportunity in the 1980's to travel to some very nice places in Europe, but I wasn't focused on my photography at that time; work took precedence! Anyway, just wanted to say how much I admire your work, your subject matter, and the many things you have succeeded at accomplishing both on a professional and personal level. I especially enjoyed your commentary on "Technical". You gave me some very good ideas for equipment when hiking the higher elevations here in the USA. Kind regards.", SL, USA, 5-March-2008


"It's so inspiring to see how much you have developed in the 3 years since we met! Lovely work, sensitive and evocative. Great stuff David - got your Peak Light today - great thank you." IKK & JKK, Earl Sterndale, March 2008


"Really enjoyed the exhibition, great to see quality work!" AC, Colne, March 2008


"Dramatic views of the Peaks, excellent." CS, Newcastle, March 2008


"Good show. Not John Blakemore, not Paul Hill but a style of your own." RN, Belper, March 2008


"I wish I could buy them all! They're beautiful." VM, Edinburgh, February 2008


"Breathtaking views." GM, USA, February 2008


"Wonderful, dramatic landscapes." AO, Matlock, February 2008


"Brooding drama in a lot of my favourite places." BN, Edale, February 2008


"Excellent. Well worth the drive from the south." MM, Overseal, February 2008


"Great trees - very imaginative! Derwent Torrent is brilliant. I really enjoyed this lovely exhibition. Thanks." AD & SD, Chesterfield, February 2008


"Lone Tree 1 is Best in Show! Fab B&W images." DG, Buxton, February 2008


"You have captured Derbyshire at its best." MC, Richmond, February 2008


"Stunning compositions, love Lone Tree, great photos, very evocative - black and white is so effective." SH, Liss, February 2008


"It was lovely to see you both yesterday, and thank you for your kind hospitality - the girls had a great time! We had a brilliant weekend visiting Speedwell Cavern, WInnats ridge, Pool cavern, and of course, your latest exhibition in Buxton. We particularly liked the series of 4 trees, and the clouds in the valley shot. We've hung your picture in pride of place in our kitchen, which has a bit of a parisian feel, so it's really complementary. It's the first thing you see from the hallway. Mark really loves it, and for me it's my daily inspiration before I put my photographic cap on! Thank you so much for the equipment. I've spent the evening looking through all the pieces and it completely exceeds my expectations! Between us we have sorted out a way of attaching the filter tray under the lens and I have swapped the 50mm lens for the 80mm Schneider lens I have - it works a treat! Now I'll need to get my darkroom up and running as soon as possible. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you at Focus in a few weeks time." KN, Leicestershire, 10-February-2010


"Very much enjoyed your Exhibition in Buxton Museum today. I have always found B/W photography so refreshing in this complex digital age we are now living in. I studied Photography as part of a course at Plymouth College of Art in the seventies and still have a collection of 35mm Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses, which the exhibition has inspired me to use again. I would be interested to know what formats you use and which filter for enhancing the cloud detail so effectively? PT, 30-January-2008


"Well printed and excellent exhibition, well done." MH, Macclesfield, January 2008


"I was inspired and uplifted by some of these photographs, reminding me of Ansel Adams. Too bad there were no technical details." BB, Lambourn, January 2008


"Thanks for the B&W images of our beautiful surroundings and all the moments captured." JA, Biddulph, January 2008


"Beautiful photos - the tree series is stunning! Love it." KN, Rugby, January 2008


"Love the shot of Stanton Moor - one of my favourite spots!" EH, Cardiff, January 2008


"Beautiful, particularly Lone Trees." AH, Matlock, January 2008


"Your work inspired me to take up photography again after a break of many years. Now I am thinking of going pro. Many thanks." IP, Buxton, January 2008


"Wonderful exhibition. Stunning." LH, Leek, January 2008


"Some phenomenal work!" SB, Buxton, January 2008


"Excellent exhibition - some stunning scenery." SC, Sheffield, January 2008


"Stunning, a good example of traditional B&W photography by an expert." BB, Nottingham, January 2008


"Just great to come and view such wonderful work expertly produced in the traditional way." TF, Ashbourne, january 2008


"First class composition and technical ability - gives others a view as to how good photography and processing can be if done by an expert. Maybe one day digital could be this good? I'd be happy to be half as good." JG, Edale, January 2008


"Outstanding shots of scenes." RJ, Derby, January 2008


"Superb." HL, Buxton, January 2008


"Stunning photos." JH, Aylesbury, January 2008


"Wonderful photos. Textures are amazing." GF, Prestbury, January 2008


"The stamps of winter passage are very suggestive." NT, Naples. January 2008


"Brilliant - hope to see much more in years to come." KS, Buxton, January 2008


"Tres belle! Surtout les arbres!" KH, Manchester, January 2008


"Beautiful photos - just my scenes! Now own the book - great!" SC, Buxton, January 2008


"Inspirational!" SR, Buxton, January 2008


"Great exhibiiton of stunning landscapes." EW, Longnor, January 2008


"Continue to inspire." RW, Alsager, January 2008


"What a talent. Love Snowy Trees and the Lone Trees series. Wonderful Dave." PT & NT, Buxton, January 2008


"Wonderful exhibition. Very well presented." CN & PN, South Darley, January 2008


"Nice to see the large prints! Great stuff." MH, Sheffield, January 2008


"Emotive work, well done." RD, West Bromwich, January 2008


"A brilliant exhibition. An inspiration to us all." JE, Sheffield, January 2008


"A magnificent collection." VJ, Sheffield, January 2008


"Wonderful inspiring work." GH, Cheadle Hulme, January 2008


"We saw your beautiful pictures featured in Cheshire Life a few months ago and I am interested in booking a black and white landscape photography course for my husband. I notice on your website you have a course running in April. I wanted to check with you whether the course would be appropriate for him. He has dabbled in photography for many years, originally as an art teacher he taught some photography as part of the O'Level course. Now it is very much a hobby and he hasn't had any formal training since his foundation art course many years ago. He reads lots of photography magazines for tips and upgraded to a Nikon D80 camera last year. I notice you only have 6 people on each course so would guess this does allow you to differentiate according to the experience of people you have on the course? Do you have spare places for the course on the 12th April?" HB, Cheshire, 3-January-2008


"I was browsing the internet and I came across your BEAUTIFUL website!!" C, 4-November-2007


"Saw your photographs for the first time at Buxton today, and just loved your work. I have never done mono, but may be up for a course next year. Will be in touch soon as I would like a picture for my daughter for Christmas as she loves mono - undecided between Solomans Temple and the Crescent, but think I need to see the actual pictures." GS, Staffordshire, 27 October 2007


"Thankyou Dave for a lovely day on Saturday - I enjoyed it all and will consider buying another camera - maybe even a digital one!!!! Which was the Canon model that Jennifer used perhaps I will locate one of those too? It was also lovely to meet your wife - albeit briefly." NW, Bedford, 16 October 2007


"I just wanted to say thanks again for an enjoyable and informative day on Saturday. I think I learnt a valuable lesson in the first 5 minutes of being out, as I would probably have completely ignored the dew covered grasses and have been much more focused on what I might have considered the main subject of the image of Windgather Rocks, the craggy rocks themselves! Finally, I persuaded my wife Sian that a photographic trip to the Dolomites would be a great experience, so if you decide to organise something like that, please let me know! The book is an inspiring resource too, I shall be out looking for your tripod holes soon." MG, 15 October 2007


"May I just say that I was very impressed by your exhibited work at the Botanical gardens in Sheffield recently." KL, Sheffield, 29 September 2007


"I enjoyed your talk and presentation very much, I shall look over your images (I bought your two books) with admiration and a little "wish I was there" attitude. I have just re-taken up fell walking and in the future will be visiting the lakes/peak area, who knows, I may even sign your visitors book, but will avoid the temptation to pitch my tent in your garden. Thanks for a very enjoyable evening." Lincoln Camera Club, 12-September-2007


"Hi Dave, It was really lovely to meet you and you wife the other week and we adore the photo. James' party was a few weeks ago and he loved his present. He was a little overwhelmed at first and couldn't take it all in but later when I chatted with him he told me how much he loved it and couldn't believe that you had gone and taken the pictures especially for him!  I've attached a photo of when he opened it for you! Thank you so much for all your help with this perfect present, it is something James will treasure forever I am sure." JL, Dove Holes, 18 August 2007


"Firstly many thanks for a great day, enjoyed by all and a lot learnt. We have all developed our films and produced initial proofs. I developed the first film and although managed to get some prints, I appear to have thin negatives. I used Ifosol at 1+9 for 6:30, so not sure where I have made an error. Discussing with John he believes I have under developed the negs. I followed instructions, should I make any allowances for conditions etc on the day, the film is from our first two locations in the Goyt Valley." RW, Alsager, 1-August-2007


"Very many thanks to you both for making yesterday such an excellent introduction to the Peak District for me. I now see what a wealth of opportunities there are in all seasons and will be back for more. I also enjoying looking at your gallery - a real inspiration in the art of print making." MW, Newport, 2 July 2007


"The photograph arrived safely and is as beautiful as I remember. Thank you." MF, Reading, 14 June 2007


"Just to let you know that my print arrived safe and sound this week, in plenty of time for me to find a frame before my mother's ordination. It looks great and I am sure Mum will be thrilled with it. Next time we are back in the area we will no doubt pop in to see your gallery." RD, Kendal, 13 June 2007


"I have just recently visited your Black and White Fine Art page and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. Your landscape photos are simply breathtaking." MK, USA, 7 June 2007


"Dave, Many thanks for the thoroughly enjoyable and motivating course that you and Jan did for us." NG, Wigan, 30 April 2007


"Would just like to say I have been looking at your landscape photography and found it to be a fantastic web site. I myself prefer black and white photography and in the last 6 months have really got back into it. Very nice to see your black and white landscape photography. Keep up the good work." JH, London, 24 April 2007


"Having spent a very inspiring lunch break in the exhibition in the crescent (Buxton), I decided to look at your web-site. Wonderful. I could sit and look at the pictures all night." NM, Buxton, 19 April 2007


"Your work is truly beautiful, Dave. Thank you for seeing the world the way that you do, and making these images available." JD, 13 April 2007


"Hi, Dave -- Your work is exquisite! Thank you for getting out there and seeing what you have, in the way you have!" JD, 3 April 2007


"I just took a look at your website. I am deeply impressed!! Beautiful. I am a little bit jealous I must admit for I would love to be able to make such beautiful and powerful pictures. I recently joined a little photoclub myself to improve my skills but I see now…..I have a long way to go!!" JB, Netherlands, 7 February 2007


"Thank you very much for coming and giving my group such an interesting Masterclass this afternoon. They all really enjoyed it and were obviously pleased with their results." AF, Sheffield, 15 November 2006


"Please let me say how taken I was by the artwork which you had displayed at the Newmarket Art and Craft Fair at the weekend. I am a fan of black and white photography, but absolutely fell in love with a couple of your shots.", OC, Cambridge, 6 November 2006


"The B&W print of Chelmorton Fields arrived this morning in the post. It is absolutely beautiful, an even more exquisite image than I'd remembered from your stand at the NEC. I am very much looking forward to having it framed and mounted over here in Brussels. It is a beautiful slice of English countryside which I hope to treasure for a very long time." MF, Brussels, 30 October 2006


"Thanks for the photo Dave. It arrived safely a few days ago. Very ingenious packaging. I had a look at your website. It's impressive; I like the photo from Snowdon looking south, with all the cloud." DE, London, 21 August 2006


"Many thanks - pictures received and I am very pleased with them." GQ, Sussex, 14 June 2006


"Many thanks for two tree pics. They are, both lovely - naturally! - and very atmospheric. I particularly like the snowy trees, as it invites me in to walk through the trees. I actually moved in the chair!! Remote control by suggestion!" LM, Croydon, 1 June 2006


"I came across your photographs last weekend in a gallery in Buxton. I was blown away by them and ended up coming home with a framed 'Solomons Temple'. Such a stunning image. I have since looked at your web site and have been very impressed by your work - it is something to aspire to." DP, Stockport, 17 May 2006


"I saw your stand at Buxton Pavilion some weeks ago and fell in love with one of your images but couldn't get back to the stand to talk with you again. I was remarking about your images being the first I'd seen which had a certain Ansel Adams-ish feel about them. ....most of all THANKS for such wonderful work. I found it so enjoyable to see such quality images and the Derbyshire images have finally confirmed what I always suspected. That given high resolution, the right time and place in Derbyshire, in the right hands, and the results can match the power of Ansels' USA work. I love telling people to check you out." AR, Derbyshire, 10 April 2006


"Just received the photo. My friend and I are very pleased with it. Thank you." SC, Northampton, 6 April 2006


"I would just like to say that I strongly admire your images and the way you apply your knowledge and skills in the darkroom to great effect. Your visit [to my University] has had a big effect on me and straight after I wanted to jump right back into the traditional black and white process. ....again thank you for having such an influence on me." DL, Stoke-on-Trent, 27 March 2006


"Good news - the pictures eventually arrived on Saturday. I don't know why it took so long (French postal system!! Ed.). Anyway, they are great and will still be used as a Xmas present even if a bit late..." BR, France, 2 January 2006


"Your photo arrived safely. Its great." KS, Reading, 1 December 2005


"I would like to thank you for the very nice book. I have to say that there are very nice pictures in it. You are really a high sophisticated photographer, a virtuoso." TL, Germany, 2 November 2005


"They (6 large prints - Ed.) are all hung and they look superb. Many thanks again." AH, USA, 24 October 2005


"Just a note to say how delighted I was to meet you again last night at Lytham, and I hope that your return journey was OK. Your images, as always, are brilliant - and it is lovely to see them all - all skillfully presented and you have had many an enjoyable day actually taking them I suspect - even if it means running across heavy snow! Good luck with all your endeavours." HG, Lytham St Annes, 21 Oct 2005


"I came across your site almost by accident. But I have to say, I am most impressed by it. I have always had a fondness for two things: B&W photography and Ski-mountaineering. Your pics are great! Its great to see work of this type in the digital age. I still maintain, there is a certain "something" about a classic B&W print- digital doesn't come close IMO! Ansel Adams showed this - I think it is great that people like yourself are continuing in this vein." JW, Scotland, 22September 2005


"I have been looking at your great website and I can say that it's one of the best landscape photography websites I have seen so far! Truly inspiring landscape work." PP, Ireland, 17 August 2005


"Just to confirm that we received the print on Saturday - it's beautiful. Thank you so much." HG, Birmingham, 15 August 2005


"Thank you very much for your gift to the Library of your book 'High Light'. It is a magnificent work in its field, and a most helpful guide to me personally as I travel to Switzerland next week for a holiday and hope to ascend the peaks around Chamonix! This will be by cable car I'm afraid to admit, but with camera in hand. Thank you for thinking of College in this way, and may 'High Light' become an essential addition to every photographers reference collection." Churchill College, Cambridge, 28 July 2005


"My printing 'style' was inspired by Alec Perlman and, later and inevitably, Ansel Adams. After 50 years of black and white photography, your genuinely inspirational book has made me reevaluate my printing preferences! I shall certainly explore the wonders of grades 4 and 5!!" HK, Cornwall, 21 July 2005


I have been inspired by the wonderful photos you have produced and for the technical details and other techniques you have given (in 'High Light')." GH, North Yorkshire, 9 July 2005


"Can you please pass my thanks on to Dave for the book, it's brilliant." VM, Huddersfield, 6 June 2005


"I am delighted with your book of landscapes. A very fine selection of shots which reflect your love of mountains. Your printers have done you proud too!" FP, London, 25 May 2005


"Very many thanks for the book. It is absolutely fantastic and the photos are stunning." PJ, St Lucia, 28 May 2005


"Received the book - thank you very much it is filled with great photos. I used to be a Mountain guide up in Scotland and wish I had used b/w while I was out, am certainly inspired to do more in future. Thanks again." DR, Cornwall, 25 May 2005


"I know today your web-site....very interesting and impressive works! I am architect in Lisbon and the photography is also a passion. Best regards from Portugal." OG, Portugal, 18 April 2005


"The photos are fantastic thanks very much. We had a great week in Saas Fee, 4 days sunshine and then some fresh snow. I shall get them framed this weekend." - PB, The Netherlands, 12 April 2005


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