High Light, Peak Light, Lake Light, City Light, Snow Light, Land Light books by Dave Butcher
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The Dave Butcher Black and White Photo Library contains tens of thousands of images as archivally processed silver gelatine film negatives, mostly medium format 7x6cm and 6x6cm. These can be printed directly onto traditional darkroom materials or scanned for use in many different applications. To see for yourself, visit the gallery...

  • Buxton Gallery in the Gardens

    • Dave will be running Gallery in the Gardens with a permanent display of his work, Buxton Pavilion Gardens, free entry. Stop by for a chat!

    • Friday 22nd April, pm

    • Tuesday 26th April, pm

    • Thursday 12th May, pm

Courses, Classes and Lectures

Endorsed by such names as Ilford Photo and Harman Technology, Dave shares his experience by running landscape photography courses, black and white darkroom printing workshops, Ilford Darkroom Masterclasses, 1-to-1 tuition with photo and darkroom courses, lectures and exhibitions. Find out more on the courses page and the event calendar.

About Dave Butcher

Dave Butcher has over thirty years experience in photography and the photo industry having previously worked for Ilford between 1981 and 2002. As an Ilford Master Darkroom Printer, and probably the last active professional darkroom printer trained by Ilford Photo, he combines his creative talent with an in-depth technical knowledge of the processes involved in black and white film developing and darkroom printing to produce distinctively unique prints using traditional darkroom methods and materials.

Working exclusively in black and white with Mamiya 7 film cameras to produce stunning landscape photographs and striking city shots his work is widely published in books and magazines. He is the author of 6 books. His images can be seen in numerous advertising and PR projects, and Dave's original black and white pictures are popular with interior designers, businesses and homeowners alike. His prints are also displayed in many private collections worldwide.

You can learn more about Dave Butcher here...


Please visit the web gallery here to view or purchase Dave's black and white photographs, available from just £20. You can also visit our studio in the Derbyshire Peak District where our stock of traditional silver photographs is available for immediate purchase. Please call before making a special trip to make sure we are in.

There is a huge difference in quality between silver darkroom prints that Dave produces and digital inkjet prints. Darkroom prints have much deeper blacks and higher contrast and it this very obvious difference in print quality that keeps Dave using film and darkroom techniques.

Image Licensing

Dave's work is  available worldwide through International Graphics Walmsley GmbH and outlets that they supply. His work is also licensed by companies for greetings cards, calendars and other products. Whatever project you have in mind please start with a chat with Antje, my agent who is based in Germany. My images are available for commercial image licensing only, not to private individuals.


Dave has written six books:

Snow Light - Snowscapes Around the World by Dave Butcher (2015)

Land Light - Landscapes Around the World by Dave Butcher (2015)

City Light - Cities of the World ... and Buxton (2013)

Lake Light - The Lake District Photography of Dave Butcher (2010) - sold out

Peak Light - The Peak District Photography of Dave Butcher (2007) - sold out

High Light - The Landscape Photography of Dave Butcher (2005, reprinted 2007) - sold out

Copies of 3 of my 6 books are available. Orders may be placed through this web site. They are also available through good bookshops.

Darkroom Dave

I have written lots of technical advice as Tutorials and Blog posts and included it on my other main website, www.darkroomdave.com. I am also doing videos of my basic techniques, these are included in the Tutorials. All freely available. This is all based on my many years running the Chemicals Technical Service side of the black and white business of Ilford Photo and my experience built up over more than three decades. I hope you find it useful.


All images are copyright © Dr Dave Butcher and may not be downloaded, copied or reproduced in any way without prior written permission. All rights are reserved.